Saturday, 21 January 2017

Vacation 2016 - Day 4: From Jura to Catalonia

When leaving the Camping Les Vignes, we had to drive back through Arbois to get on the Route Nationale (main road), and I took the opportunity to take a few snapshots.

We continued our journey down through the Rhone Valley - I do not remember exactly where the various pics were taken, so I shall just let them speak for themselves.

The nuclear plant at Montélimar - the landmark that heralds you are soon entering Provence!

History, history everywhere!

I had calculated that we could be in Malgrat de Mar on the evening of the fourth day - but it was now all too clear that we had not been moving fast enough for that.

Instead of trying to find a camping site for the night (in the middle of summer in the south of France), we called Camping Resort Els Pins to notify them, and decided to drive through the evening and night, until we reached our destination. This way, we would not lose a full day of our stay in Malgrat to the road, and we saved the camping money for use on more interesting things.

The sun was setting over the Pyrenées, as we were approaching the Spanish border. I took a lot of photos while my wife was driving, some of the best are presented here (but the quality is not fantastic).

As it were, we arrived at Camping Resort Els Pins at about 1:30 a.m., and some very helpful, only Spanish-speaking, night watchmen let us in through a gate, to sleep in a parking lot. Mission accomplished, yay!