Saturday, 7 January 2017

New Year's Celebration at Castle Argonor

The girls decorated the living/dining room as usual,
and the dog seemed to have somehow gotten in the way.
As usual, we had our annual little private party on the last evening of 2016.

This post is about that, and there will be absolutely no references to wargaming, just to spare you from scrolling through all the photos, if you could not give a damn. 😉

I did not take any photos of fireworks, either, as I was too busy igniting it when we were outside.

The main course has been eaten, and Lea has her own little party, while the rest of us got rid of the bowls and dishes.

A view of the far end of the living room

Another view of the dining end of the room

I had to connect the TV to the computer, as our TV provider's entire network broke down, just shortly before the Queen's New Year's Speech.
It took about 48 hours, before the full TV package was restored, and the receiver box stopped acting weird.

The girls really went to town with the decorations - as usual

 Playing around with crackers and confetti

Sparklers were part of the arsenal, too

The girls had persuaded us to get some serpentine sprays.
Awful stuff.

The sparkler-thing got a bit out of hand - actually, this set fire to some of the table decoration, and I had to save the day with my bare hands. Only casualty was the table cloth, which we have had for a decade or so (and it can be reused as smaller table cloths), so we just agreed on keeping the sparkler-use at a minimum for the rest of the night.

Finally, this is how the coffee table end of the living room looked after the rest of the family went to bed.

You know you had a party when the tidying up takes the most of the next day!!!


If you have been with me all the way, thanks for reading - I promise gaming related updates tomorrow, but today was spent helping one of my friends (and gaming buddies) moving from a small apartment to a recently purchased house, not very far from where I am living!


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    1. Quite so - I'm sure the kids enjoyed themselves, and when they're happy, we're all happy!