Wednesday 27 June 2018

Greek Archer #6 - Erastos

This guy is livin' on a prayer.

I think I shall have to put a darker wash in his eye-sockets, but otherwise he turned out all right, although like on the previous one, the wash pooled somewhat heavy on the lower part of the chiton.

Well, I am not going to do anything about the chitons right away - I really want the full dozen ready as soon as possible, so that I can turn my attention to some other projects!

Tomorrow much of the day will be spent on going to Odense and get some things I need before our vacation, and the mid to late afternoon Lea and I are at tennis team training, but I hope to paint for an hour or so in between.

Greek Archer #5 - Demetrios

Another archer checked off - although the wash did not work as well on this one.

I may have to repaint the lower part of his chiton (I may then also add som kind of stripe/muster to it), but for now it will have to do as it is; I still have plenty of archers to paint, and I would like them all to be ready by the end of next weekend.

Greek Archer Line-up

Nothing new finished, yet, but here is a status shot of my archers. I expect to have two more finished later today, but now I must drive to Svendborg to pick up Anna!

Greek Archer #4 - Galenos

With this one down, I have finished one third of my Greek archers.

The place where I broke the bow is visible in the pics - I shall smooth out the joint and repaint it tomorrow, when the poly cement has settled completely.

As mentioned earlier, my progress has been somewhat hampered by my recent involvement with the local sports club (repairing holes in tennis courts requires both skill and patience), but I still hope to be able to finish all twelve archers by the end of the coming weekend.

Tomorrow at 11 a.m. I have to pick up Anna in Svendborg - her school class is having an outing, first bowling a couple of hours, then walking to the beach at Christiansminde, and as there is more than a kilometer form the bowling alley to the beach, and her knees are not fully rehabilitated, I am going to drive her instead. I shall then have to check if they are going to be picked up by the bus at Christiansminde, else I have to pick her up there, too.

I hope to get some painting done before leaving home, hopefully all but finishing another couple of archers.

Tuesday 26 June 2018

Greek Archer #3 - Basileios

Finished this guy earlier today - one fourth of the Greek archers now done!

I tried using a lighter flesh tone as base for the skin, and I think the difference shows - the skin gets a less orange-ish hue, and that was ome of the goals for this different approach.

The next archer has the flock drying on the base at the moment, and I hope to be able to post pics later this evening (unless I get too tired and go to bed, first).

Unfortunately, I was a klutz and somehow broke the bow on archer #4, so I had to repair it with some poly cement, and I ma not going to smooth out the joint until tomorrow, when I am sure the glue has settled completely.

In the meantime, you must  settle for the other pics of #3, placed below.

Greek Archer Command WIP - Ready for Sculpting

I have assembled the Greek command models a bit further (actually, the commander is all done), and all I now need to do is to sculpt the right hand of the standard bearer.

My progress is somewhat slower than anticipated, because I have gotten involved in the tennis department of the local sports club (Lea started playing last summer, and as I want the best possible conditions for us to play, and the entire tennis committee quit last winter, it was time for me to step up to the plate).

I shall be focusing on painting the Greek archers the rest of the week, but I may get a sudden inspiration for pulling out the greenstuff - I have never tried sculpting something as delicate as a hand, but I hope to be able to create something passable.

Monday 25 June 2018

Vacation 2016 - Day 14, Part 3: The Walk to Carcassonne

When we reached Carcassonne, we checked in at the Camping la Cité, a really nice, albeit a bit pricey camping site.

After setting up camp, we set out on foot to visit the old city of Carcassonne.

Carcassonne has an airport, just west of the city.

Most of the walk was along a very idyllic canal.

Some insect wildlife: Dragonflies!

The rest of the family was also busy taking pictures!

After taking the left one, I realized that the scenery would make a nice picture.

Below is another pair of Dragonflies, resting in the sun.

After a fairly long walk under the trees, we emerged to this sight!

Now with white horse...

Just before entering the city, the kids came across a hollow tree. Of course it had to be exploited!

One of the next days I shall post about the city of Carcassonne itself. Lots of eye-candy for the medievally inclined readers, so stay tuned, if you like castles!

Vacation 2016 - Day 14, Part 2: The Road to Carcassonne, Take 2: A61 Cathar Memorial

When driving on the A61 from Narbonne to Carcassonne, we stopped for lunch at the Aire de Peche Loubat, which turned out to provide an unexpected experience.

From the picnic area we could see some strange shapes on the hill, so after eating, we investigated.

When looking at the first sculpture, three things caught my eye:

  1. moyen age (middle ages)
  2. croisade (crusade)
  3. 1209

Colour me interested!

And here: La tragedie cathare (the cathar tragedy)

Montsegur and 1244

I should have taken pics from the front of those strange 'towers' - as I have found they are a sculpture called 'The Cathar Knights' by Jacques Tissinier:

After leaving the rest area, heading for Carcassonne, we passed a couple of castles.

Next up is the city of Carcassonne, and of course I knocked myself out taking pictures of that marvellous place!