Thursday 15 August 2013

Back in the chair!

It's been quiet, as I have been away on vacation with the family, and have had plenty to look after since then.

We got ourselves a very cute puppy August 1st, and the cat had a single kitten today, so the family grows.
My daughters enjoy their new mate
Recently, though, I managed to get my painting desk cleaned up, and I'm now ready to start splashing colour at little ugly figurines again.

I have also decided, that I have to paint at least 5 minis before I by a single new one (this restriction does NOT apply to the acquisition of a bunch of Mantic zeds I have planned, as I have to get some to get the Pike & Shot and Zombies project on tracks), as i have plenty of minis for almost any occation, and need to bring down the number of unpainted toys down.

Heres's a picture of my desk with the old GW pain(t) station that I use, because it can be moved without the WIP being stowed away:

The mini is a partly painted Wargames Factory Late Republican (Caesarian) Roman Legionaire that I'm going to use as a warm-up excercise before painting a couple of Bob Murch Pulp Figures Evil Hooded Minions (and repairing another one that got damaged and subsequently re-based).

That's all for today. Hopefully, I'll have some WIP shots of the legionaire one of the next days; I have the most of the day off tomorrow, as I will be working evening shift, and Monday is completely my own, so I expect to get some painting done over the next 4 days.