Tuesday 13 December 2011

DwA: Zombiecalypse Now - not much progress.

I have delivered the first 10 zeds for commission, but then got totally sidetracked by real life, job search, etc.

I hope to find some time - and energy - for carrying on, very soon - during the holidays at the very latest. It's really bugging me, that I don't keep things moving, but that's just how it is these days, it seems.

Totally becalmed at the moment.

Well, while storm after stom blows in from the North Sea, not a single breeze moves over my painting/prepping station.

Job search, all kinds of pre-christmas events (kindergarden, school, school care, girls gymnastics team, etc.), general daily life, buying presents for christmas, trying to get some heavily delayed (because of an extremely wet summer and autumn) garden tasks finished, dark and cold/wet weather... I have absolutely NO energy surplus for hobby tasks.

Looking forward to the holidays where I'm going to be away from work for 11 days. I need to get into a routine, again, where I get a little work done at least every other day. I have 50 plastic zombies that need assembly (I had hoped to have them all ready by January, but...), some Old West minis that need paint, and a handful of mixed minis in various states of progress on my painting station...

Not to mention the hundreds of prepped and primed minis I have laying around for various unfinished projects.

Well, if I'm going to be unemployed for a while from February, at least I'll get the possibility to get some projects finished, as I can then focus on tasks for some hours in a row - it's really amazing how fast things can move when you don't have to work on-and-off all the time!

Saturday 19 November 2011

Next up for testing: Fistful of Lead

Front cover courtesy of Jaye Wiley
I recently purchased the PDF-file for Fistful of Lead, a game simulating gunfights in the Old West using d10 and standard playing cards for the mechanics, and after two sessions of reading the rules from start to end (31 pages including reference sheet, optional rules, and two (identical) sheets of counters (- an improved set of counters is to be had at the Yahoo group for the game)), the simplicity, yet quite intrigueing nature, of it got me about digging some Wild West minis out from various boxes in my home office, and the garage.

I already have 3 painted Artizan cowboys that I used for a game or two of Gutshot a couple of years ago (they just needed some reworking of the bases, which is almost done), and it might be time to dig out my Whitewash City buildings (and resume building the sets I have).

If I wasn't going to Horisont (table-top gaming convention in Esbjerg) next weekend, I would have invited my regular gaming pal/opponent/guinea-pig Ulrik down from Odense for a test run of the rules, just using the 3 already painted cowboys, but now, maybe I'll manage to get a couple more prepped and painted before actually playing the game.

I think I'm out of the stupor, initially caused by the news of me being made redundant at work, so expect updates to again appear sporadicly.

Friday 7 October 2011

Gaming must be paused!

Well, to some extent it must... I've been laid off at work (my current employment ends Jan 31st), and I must focus on finding a new job, so we can keep our house and our kids will not have to change school, etc.

So, if anyone on Funen reads this, and knows of a possible opening somewhere, please, don't hesitate to contact me!

Thursday 6 October 2011

In the Emperor's Name (ItEN): Another test game

Had a nice 3-way rumble last night(Dark Angels vs Chaos Marines vs. Space Wolves 13th Company). Got wiped out, again, but I actually managed to hold on to the objective for about one turn ;o)

No pics, sorry, shall bring the camera next time, if I remember to.

And another club member owning some IG seemed interested to join the fray. I am confident that the campaign will consolidate ItEN as a good alternative to playing full-scale W40K when you don't have the time to prepare and play the full monty.

Tuesday 4 October 2011

CROM!: Rise of the Mummy King - Part Four

Well. it's been a while since my last post in this series, but now I have to bring this to a conclusion, soon.

Hearing the incantations from the ruined mastaba, Thrombur decided that it was time to prove the maxim that 'Dwarves are deadly on a short distance', and sprinted around the temple ruins to outflank the staggering Skeletons.

Thus robbed of his companion, Chwllurhwch succumbed to his assailants, and the Flesheaters started squabbling about whether to feast on the fallen Elf, or present him to their Master.

(Had the Heroes been played by each one person, this development might have caused some bad blood, but being a Dwarfanatic, Ulrik decided to go all in on Thrombur, sacrificing the hitherto rather unfortunate Elf.)

Soon, however, one of them started wondering where the other intruder had gone, and started searching for him.

In the picture below, it is hidden behind the palm trees and the Anubis statue.

In the lower left corner, the Mummy King can be seen preparing yet another skull for the Magic Circle. But Thrombur is closing in, and the minions are perhaps too far away....

Shock Troops (Wargames Factory)

Well, don't really know how to label these. I have a lot of ideas: Imperial Guard for the W40K-universe (ItEN: Genestealer Cult, IG, Machine Cult Scitarii...), WWWII (obvious use, various types of unit), Warzone/Mutant Chronicles Bauhaus troops....

I'm looking forward to dig into the contents of this box, that's for sure!

And WF just released a Heavy Weapons box for these... hmmmm.....

In the Emperor's Name: Eldar

I bought these on EvilBay to supplement som Guardians I already have, so I can field a Craftworld Retinue (which I still have to construct).

I am going to use them more or less like they are (except for the unpainted Scout) for now, so they won't figure on my Painting Tally (this is the reason why painted minis count only .75 - sometimes I bring out an old mini and alter it, thus 'finishing' it another time).

They are not fantastic paintjobs, but nice old mins, and I like my Jes Goodwin sculpts!

The cowled Scout will stand in for a Warlock, until I can get my own painted, but right now it's about getting some minis ready for The Chaos Tablet without spending too much time on it!
I really look forward to running the campaign (I always have had a GM inside me), as it will - hopefully - provide some good games in an intrigueing storyline, and will also prepare me for running a LARP campaing for junior-members as of spring 2013 (yes, I plan ahead!).

With any luck, The Chaos Tablet will also be helping to alter the mindset of the wargamers at the club, so they will no longer see GW-rules as the one-and-only answer to wargaming needs.

I shall NOT be following the campaign closely on these pages - I shall have plenty to do at the club forum when it starts, but I may post some pics and a short description of this and that encounter, you'll never know.

DwA: Zombiecalypse Now - 2: Infection!

Last week I received 120(!) (4 boxes) of Wargames Factory plastic zombies.

Some will argue, that even considering ordering these is scary in itself, but I had to act quickly, as some guys at my club got infected by the Z-virus after a demo of Fear & Faith earlier this year.

Only 60 of these are for myself, though, And I'm only even going to paint 30 of them.

A fellow gamer at my club who's a student, and thus has little cash, is going to paint up one box for me, for which he'll receive 2 of the boxes.

I have assembled the first batch of 10, and now need only to fill the bases and prime them, then they can go away to be painted, while I assemble the next batch.
As soon as I have send 30 in commission, I'll franticly continue with my next box, and as soon as my club buddy has finished 30 for me, he'll get the first box for himself, to finish before getting the second one (that's part of the deal - he has to get some of his own shamblers ready for club games!).

There has been a lot of criticism about these figures. And, yes, some of it is quite fair; there IS soft details on some parts (feet/shoes and heads in particular), but arms/hands and most of the torsos are nicely enough done (especially considering the price). Biggest issue is the joints where parts has to fit together, but I trust the primer and base coat to somewhat even out the 'fissures', as I cannot justify using time for greenstuffing and the likes on these cheap fillers. They are going to be speed-painted, anyway, and if something turns out completely wrong on a mini, I can always go back and mend it more thoroughly, somewhen in between games.

When these 120 zeds are done, I'll return to painting some metal ones (and other minis), but we will then have somewhere between 200 and 250 zombies  between all the participants in the project, to populate the tables in our club campaign. That MUST count for something, too!

In the Emperor's Name: The Chaos Tablet

I am starting a narrative campaign at my club (Skjold in Svendborg) that I'm going to orchestrate through the club forum.

I played a game last Wednesday, and as expected (apart for us having to look up rules a lot of times), the game flowed flawlessly. We played a simple fight, no objectives, just a merry shoot-out, which I lost spectacularly by rarely rolling above 3+ for my grit-tests. I bigger games and over time, this should even out, but I'm not convinced...

We're having another test-run tomorrow, probably with multiple retinues on the same table with a simple objective.

I am doing a Roll Call at the forum atm, trying to assemble 4-6 WQ40K players for starters.

There will be an 'official' bulletin at the forum for everybody to read and follow, while I'm going to secretly brief every single player thorugh PMs and/or emails while telling them, whom to set up a game against; sometimes we'll even arrange a full scale battle of W40K to determine the couse of the story, and I'll listen for results of non-campaign games and sometimes incorporate them in the events.

More later.

Monday 26 September 2011

In the Emperor's Name: Testing

Upcoming Wednesday, my Dark Angels will be duking it out with some deviant Space Wolves at my club in Svendborg. I have managed to make a 199 pts retinue for a test run of the game, so if real life does not jinx my plans, I should get to roll some dice.

The rules is a free stand-alone skirmish system based in the 40K universe, but not to any extent on the rules from GW. No rules for heavy vehicles and/or weaponry, the ruleset is aimed at small commando-raid/black-op style fights, and a standard retinue typically fields only a handful of miniatures. There is, however, rules for experience, and/or suggestions for fielding larger forces.

I am planning to do an Eldar Craftworld Retinue, and a Genestealer Cult in addition to my Firstborn, but I guess, some time will pass before I can field any of those, as a huge zombie horde is heading in my direction as we speak, and it will keep me busy for at least the rest of this autumn.

Friday 23 September 2011

Warpath: Orx/Marauders Project

I have been working on getting a large bunch of W40K 2nd Ed. plastic Orks ready for a quick-and-dirty paintjob to try out Warpath from Mantic Games.

Warpath is perhaps not the greatest ruleset out there, but it looks like it can be played very fast, which is a BIG plus in my book - all too often I have given up following a club game of W40K, because virtually no progress happened over a very long time, (most often because the players argued over some obscure special rule), and it is also a very simple set of rules, another BIG advantage over the insanely complicated/detailed rules from GW.

I used to like detailed rules, but as I'm maturing as a gamer, I tend to prefer fast-paced, simple games, where the process is not an obstacle for reaching the results, even ones with only a handful of miniatures on each side, but I have my mind set on trying out Warpath, as it seems I can easily play the game against owners of  W40K armies, because some of the races are equivalents of W40K-races, or can be proxied using 40K-minis.

Recently I purchased another fairly large lot of the same kind of Orks and Gretchin (yes, I'm FAR behind updating my painting tally!), and those will be added to the Marauders force, I'm slowly working towards fielding...

Basic Impetus: Bases arrived!

The parcel with my order disappeared in the mail, but Fenris Games immediately send me a replacement when I asked about the status of the order. I now have the (unopened) parcel with a lot of custom-made bases at home.

I am going away this weekend (Friday to Sunday noon), but as soon as I'm back I'll start glueing Polybian Romans onto bases. Posts and pics will follow - but not until Sunday at the earliest.

Back on the horse!

Been a while since my last update. Last couple of weekends I was away doing 'extras'-duty for my club at something called 'Bardatræf' (Barda-Gathering) in Svendborg and Haderslev - a LARP-event for kids arranged by Danish television (DR) and the people arranging the Roskilde Festival. More about this will appear somewhere on this blog.

At the same time I have had ABSOLUTELY no energy for anything but collapsing on the couch with a book or the TV on the last couple of weeks; I'm suffering from a light medical winter depression, probably induced by the absolutely AWFUL summer here in Denmark this year (normally, I don't feel this down until the start of January or even later, but we haven't had nearly the amount as normal of sun-hours this year, and it has been 31 years since we had this much rain).

But I have now finally received my bases for my Basic Impetus project (the first parcel from Fenris apparently  was lost in the mail, but the nice guys immediately send my order anew, and it arrived at my post office 2 days ago), and I have a horde of plastic zombies shambling my way, so I better get my act together and dig in again...

Monday 5 September 2011

CROM!: Rise of the Mummy King - Part Three

Meanwhile, the evil sorcerer went about his grizzly business. One skull had been successfully prepped and placed, and the second was almost ready. Set smiled.

The picture below shows an owerview of the eastern part of the necropolis at this point.

Also note the group of Skeletons passing the small dune. Big mistake - don't try this at home! 1/1 minions should NOT - I repeat: NOT cross difficult terrain. Ever. Period.
Thrombur assessed the situation, and decided it was time to break some bones, before the entire Deadite swarm would arrive at the entrance.

With a fierce warcry he stepped out into emty air and landed securely in the sand below the doorway.

The wounded Elf, dragging his leg through the sand, advanced with more caution - prudently, some would say.

Never the less, seeing his companion disappear through the Door of the Kings made him fasten his resolve and speed up a bit.
Thrombur tried to lure the skeltal guards away from the rather high step of the door, but as the dim-witted boneheads did not seem to get the idea, and the Flesheaters were getting too close for comfort, the hot-headed Dwarf again charged in, dispatched a Skeleton, and quickly withdraw.

Chwllurhwch, watching from the safety of the Door of the Kings, considered joining the fray, but restrained himself a bit more.

The once proud Captain of the Guard, enraged by the demise of his trooper, attacked Thrombur.

Which proved to be a mistake!

Chwllurhwch, seing the ease with which Thrombur seemed to handle the grim guardians of the necropolis, decided that now was the right time to descend.
With almost feline grace, the Elf jumped from the doorway, landed on his already wounded leg, - and hurt himself even more....
Chwllurhwch then managed to get up, and drag himself to the relative safty near his trusted friend.

At the same time, the Mummy King set the second skull of the summoning circle. Dark clounds began to gather over the valley.

Then, Chwllurhwch was beset by a Flesheater, and managed to wound the hideous creature.

Meanwhile, the rattling hordes approached steadily, and the second Flesheater charged into the melee.

Things were beginning to look quite bleak for our intrepid adventurers.

Would they manage to survive the onslaught of the corpse-eating monstrosities?

Could they fight their way through the heaps of bone?

Would they be able to reach the mastaba in time to prevent the summoning of the Spirit of the Dead?

Would Chwllurhwch kill himself before the enemies got the chance?

All this, and more, will be revealed in Part Four.

In the meantime, thanks for looking and your patience - I do not have as much free time as I would like to, so updates may come sparsely and sporadic.

Just this before parting:
It's been fun so far, both the game and the write-up, and I'll try to get to the conclusion next time.

Wednesday 31 August 2011

CROM!: Rise of the Mummy King - Part Two

The wild beasts smelled the blood of our elven Hero, and leaped into the fray. Chwllurhwch fought them off, but not without suffering further injury.

The beasts searched for a 'smaller' threat...
...which they found - much to their demise...
...because 4 seconds later...

Then Thrombur decided that enough is enough, and charged two of the monsters.

The mighty war hammer fell once, twice, and benefitting from the impetus of the charge, trice, leaving the strange animals as carcasses in the sand.

"See if ya can get through that door at yonder stairs," he yelled out, while bringing down one mummy with a back-handed stroke.

Chwllurhwch, bleeding from several gashes, follows the sound advice, and takes off towards the Door of the Kings.
...Thrombur could send off Chwllurhwch after dispatching all 3 of them, and one of the remaining mummies.
The stout Dwarf quickly finished the job, smashing the last mummy into a dusty heap, then, in a fit of battle-rage, sprinted past his limping elven companion in search of more enemies.

And this concludes today's tale. Stay tuned for more - hopefully tomorrow.

Ultimo August: Status

So, with the fastest concluded gaming project ever in the sack, it is time to look forward:

I need to finish the bases of the two skull markers I painted for CROM!, and I want to add another hero to the game - probably an Elf or a Ranger - sometning with a bow, anyway, and preferably female.

A couple of cards have to be updated, too, for which I shall use the new version.

In the Emperor's Name:
I have to build a Space Marine retinue for this game, and if I manage it before the upcoming weekend, I might take it to the club in Svendborg, if I can get a gaming appointment set up.

I should have paintedor lmost finished minis enough, but some work may be needed, especially on bases (SOD the green ones!).

Zombiecalypse Now!:
Our Dead walk Again project needs more attention - I have a Zombie Girl on my painting station, who has been sorely delayed by the CROM! project, and as I'm spending a lot of time on writing the AAR for an  evaluation, she might have to wait another couple of days, but then painting will be highest hobby priority for a couple of weeks.

We are about to make a joint order from Wayland Games, which will include no less than 60 plastic zed fillers for myself (of which 30 is part of an agreement where I buy another 60 for a guy who'll paint them for me - he'll get the first 30 when he has finished mine, then the last 30 when his first 30 are on the table ;o) ). This is part of my plan to have a horde of at least 100 zombies of my own before Christmas.

Weird War and other stuff:
Our order from Wayland is also supposed to include a set of Wargames Factory Shock Troops, for which I have several uses: WWWII Secret SS-force and 'Teutonic Order' troops, Skitarii for an Adeptus Mechanicus retinue for ItEN, Post Apoc steel town troopers.... possibilities are Legio.

I haven't forgotten my Judge Dredd minis, and the cults for Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten, but right now, zombies have found resonance at the club, and I have to follow up on that. My Strange Aeons collection will be augmented soon, as a Danish webstore has CoC-minis as part of a closing sale :o/

Tuesday 30 August 2011

CROM!: Rise of the Mummy King - Part One

About 1½ month or so ago, Matakishi (of Matakishi's Tea House, and Lead Adventure Forum fame) announced his new simple rules system for scenario-driven adventure table-top games set in the world of Conan the Barbarian. CROM! Age of Hyborea was born.

The concept intrigued me, and instead of reviewing or explaining the rules, I'll point you to the very source: http://www.matakishi.com/crom.htm - and get on with the description of the game I played Sunday with my regular gaming opponent, Ulrik.

Story is as follows:
An ancient Sorcerer, mummified by his followers upon his demise centuries ago by the hands of some big angry Barbarian, has finally broken the chains of death and has returned to the world of the living, where he is now gathering an army of long-dead warriors from the Necropolis of Sekhemet, aided by a couple of nefarious Flesheaters he surprised at their ghastly feasting....

As inhabitants from the nearby town Sekhemet starts disappearing, the Citizens Guard has searched the desert area around the town, and finally they ran into a hunting band of Fleasheaters and some wild unnatural beasts in the vicinity of the Necropolis. The guards withdraw after a vicious fight, leaving about half their number at the dubious mercy of the Monsters.

It soon becomes clear to the fat, wealthy priesthood of Sekhemet, that they have a problem of great proportions, as their earnings come mainly from rich people wanting a safe home for the afterlife in the famous Necropolis of Sekhemet.

Then an unlikely couple of adventurers arrives with a merchant boat up the big river: An Elf an a Dwarf, traveling the world of men and demi-humans alike, sporting an unusula friendship forged in battle and adventure: Chwllurhwch and Thrombur - the Heroes of our Tale.

Soon, these two are more or less pressganged into solving the problems of the town - with the help of Palmtree Wine, and promises of vast riches buried beneath the sands of the Necropolis.

With greatsword and war hammer, our friends begin their arduous journey through the desert, towards the Oasis of the Kings, and the impressive Necropolis, not knowing that time is about to run out for the inhabitants of Sekhemet: The Mummy King is preparing a ritual for summoning a mighty Spirit that can take control over the minds of the living!

Scenario Rules/Objectives:
To invoke the Spirit, the Sorcerer must prepare and correctly place 5 enchanted skulls in a magic circle/pentagram.

To prepare a skull, the Sorcerer must roll a natural 6 on at least one Magic Die.

Also, to correctly set a skull in the magic circle/pentagram, at least one natural 6 must be rolled.

Finally, when the last skull has been successfully placed, to summon the Spirit, a Magic Roll of Difficuty 12 must be passed.

Minor minions can be summoned as per the normal rules.

The Heroes must prevent the summoning of the Spirit, ultimately by slaying the Mummy King.

To gain a Major Victory (only important if this scenario is played as part of a campaign), both Heroes must survive. Easier said than done, as we shall see...

The Game:
Here is the initial set-up of the playing surface:
Seen from the Heroes' perspective
And from the Necropolis - The Dragon Bones are not part of this...
I have some serious re-basing to do on all those old skellies if I am going to bring this to Horisont in Esbjerg this fall, but it is doable over a weekend, if I concentrate on the task.

A plethora of skulls in the ruined mastaba
To the right, you see the practically unlimited supply of skulls for the ritual. I made the based ones a couple of years ago, but the last two had not been painted, so a little speed was required.

The game starts with the Lesser mummies emerging from the buried pyramid.

Our Heroes, both played by Ulrik, while I donned the cowled robe of the Game Master, have not yet discovered anything, save the apparantly peacefully drinking beasts in the oasis
"There, me Elfish Friend, be Water for thee!"

The Undead approach
As the shambling silhouettes emerge, Chwllurhwch squints his eyes and readies his sword, while Thrombur gently pats his war hammer.

Them a lot of movement occurred in the Necropolis [this was a mistake - only the cards of the Mummy King and the minions in the oasis should have been in the deck from the start], before Chwllurhwch came up.

The Elf let lose a blood-curdling warcry and rushed forward to dispach one of the crispy corpses.

Already here, it became clear that the hot, dry climate did not become him well, as the first mummy successfully defended and drew first blood.

Snarling, Chwllurhwch shook off the pain, and maculated the parchment that held the bones and skin of the long dead servant together.

Chwllurhwch rushes in,
and with some difficulty kills an opponent

In the meantime, the Sorcerer prepared and carried the first skull to the magic circle [here represented by a cork coaster, usually used for dice-cup dice rolling, but I thought it only too appropriate to use a piece of cork for a game by Matakishi. Wanted to use an old CD with painted sand and a pentacle in blood, but I have not been able to locate my extensive stash of those...], then got ready to mutter the arcane words that would infuse it with the Power of the Book of the Dead.

"Massss-ter, can I have the resssst? Pleasssse..."

This conludes Part One, but not the first turn, but it is rather late now, and I cannot concentrate on remembering all the details....  More tomorrow, if the rain still prevents me from mowing the lawn, otherwise Thursday.

Monday 29 August 2011

Black Hat Mutants and Madmen: Last Civilian

Got this fellow from Black Hat Miniatures some days ago - the one that was missing from the previous purchase. Was posted without any delay as I mailed my sorrows.

As always, a pleasure to do business with Mike.

Black Hat also sports the Coat d'Arms range of paints and empty pots - and some brushes called 'Super Star' with artificial hairs that I find impossible to live without when painting small details. I know some people disagree on this, but I like a stiff brush with a pointy tip for precision work.

Tuesday 23 August 2011

Dead walk Again: Zombiecalypse Now!

I have gotten some guys from my club in Svendborg involved in a little multi-player co-operative all-vs-the-zombies project. Rules are the free set Dead walk Again from Planned Movement Productions, a small informal operation run by some Swedes. I shall make a links page, soon...

First thing is to get some more shamblers painted (we roughly need at least 25 zeds per survivor - with about 10 per survivor starting on the table - possibly more, depending on the weaponry chosen by the players).

Work in Progress
Last evening I got back to the desk after an entire summer without painting to start splashing some colours on the Zombie Girl from Zombiesmith. I know that I have the boy, too, as they come together in a blister, but where he is...?

Sorry about the yellowish lights - I really need a lightbox for mini photos - but this is the simple base coats: Hair: VMC Khaki Grey, Skin: F Rawhide Shade, Dress: GW Hormagaunt Purple (nightgown will end up in a tender pastel purple. At least I hope so).

It is my plan to have a horde of about 100 undead myself before Christmas, while the other participants should provide 25-30 each, but I hope to get some games on, sooner than that.

Hopefully, I can finish her in a couple of days - but it all depends on how much work I can do in the garden, and how early my kids sleep...

New Paint Rack from Miniaturicum

Got my new paint rack for the painting desk Sunday. Very easy to assemble. http://www.miniaturicum.de/product_info.php?products_id=6069

Can take almost 100 paintpots. Far too little, but a beginning of 'decorating' my workspace (we moved to our current home, a large old house we bought last summer, almost a year ago, but things take time).

Below you'll see the gizmo almost fully loaded on my trusty old painting desk (with a much used, though very dusty, GW painting station - actually quite handy, that one!)

Saturday 20 August 2011

Black Hat Mutants and Madmen: Civilians

My 10 civilians/victims/rioters/survivors/whatever have arrived! As you can see, they are BIG - one even 35mm to the eyes. When based on thin washers, they'll probably look OK next to my Griffin zeds (and many GW models...)

Unfortunately, the pack MM100 was mispacked, so I got 1 extra of the same female mini, instead of a big afromerican with sunglasses. Well... one may end up as a zombified version....might come in handy..? ;o)

Will have to update painting tally later...

CROM!: Cards finished!

 Finally I managed to get the cards for my planned test-run of the rules  ready - not without  a fight, though; first, my laminator caught a corner of a laminating pocket while I tried to straighten some cards inside it - resulting in the laminate to get totally jammed in the rolls of the damned thing. Impossible to save it.

New laminator was bought by my wife after I called her during her shopping - and then somehow the next attempt ended with a accordeon-like page, as the edge was somehow caught on the inside of the exit slot. I think somebody or something is trying to tell me something....

So, five cards had to printed, cut, and glued anew, before they could be laminated and finally cut out as ready game accessories.

I have not changed to the new card layout, as I had already prepared a few cards when it was presented - but I DO use the 'split dice-pool' concept.

As you can see, I have made the 'Hero'-cards with blue text, to further distinguish them from the 'GM' or 'Evil' cards.

I have one more Mummy (obviously I got the cards mixed up when  scanning them, so now I have 2 cards with the same pic scanne twice...)
Assorted Skeletons. I have a few more, especially single ones, but I don't see any purpose in putting them up here, as they are of the same ugly ilk as those with the Goblin Green unfinished bases and undercoated-only weaponry.

I DO have shield for most of these... somewhere....

Well.... I'll see if I can get someone to come by and play a couple of games tomorrow. I do have to pick up my new paint rack (from Miniaturicum) at a friend's place before noon, but my regular gaming pal (if I can still call him that after a couple of months without any gaming) usually is not available until the afternoon, anyways...

Thursday 18 August 2011


Been down vith some kind of virus the last couple of days. No further progress, but I managed to watch 'Zulu' about Rorke's Drift...

Sunday 14 August 2011

Brytenwalda: LotR-test soon....

My test-armies are ready to march. I hope to recruit an adversary very soon - otherwise I'll have to solo test it.

Hills and board both need some grass/flock, I just haven't felt like working on it, lately....

CROM!: Cards (almost) finished.

I have put the last pictures onto their cards, and have decided on the dice to be used by the last creatures. I now have to print and laminate the cards.

This Elf hero is a rare example of a model that looks better on a photo than in real life. I'll definitely have to redo his skin, maybe his hair and boots, and the swordblade needs to be redone as well. In time...

He is one of my oldest painted models - blocked out with enamels back in the mid-80's, and left for dead in a foam box for many, many years. I basically revived him through re-basing and a Devlan Mud wash.....

My 3/1 beasts are here (Dungers from Ramshacke Games - everything is better with Dungers!). They have some battle damage from Dunger Derby, but that also may be fixed in time.

Alas, I won't be playing the game this weekend - I simply did not get it organized, as other urgent tasks filled up most of my Saturday, and this morning, too.

Now, of course, it is pouring down, so I might as well have had a buddy over for a couple of games, but I think I'll just get some work on the cards done today, and see if I can get a game organized during the week (I NEED to roll some dice, soon, this summer has been completely dry, gaming-wise...).

Just for fun: One of my wound markers (I have to find the rest) that will be used for the magic circle/pentagram.

Cute, ain't it? ;o)

Guess it could be used as a Vampires' Polo ball, too...
And this guy I did not paint. Bought a whole bunch of Warhammer undeads from a fellow club patron many years ago. Never played a single game of Warhammer, though, but you can never have too many skeletons. Or so I was told.

I'll see if I can get the cards all finished today. Btw, I decided to keep the text on the hero cards in BLUE, while all the evil critters have RED. Good old Cold War standards!