Monday 30 April 2018

Where Wolf? Here, Wolf!

Another biggie I have had on the prepping station for far too long is this Werewolf.

I put extra filler on the base, and also noticed that I need to rough up the edge of the washer (for the paint to adhere better).

He should be usable for a lot of games/settings when I get him done, SS&SS among others, so I think it is about time to get him ready for painting.

I have more than enough minis to paint for the rest of Spring, it would seem, so I hope my back eases up a bit, soonish, so that I can actually sit down at the painting station for a couple of hours in a row, instead of, like today, just doing some basing on one mini at a time - things take forever that way...

SS&SS: Troll Proxy Ready to be Primed

The ancient Harbinger is getting very close to the paint queue. One of the next days I shall probably prime a batch of select minis (I have a Wardog I want to finish prepping, first, though).

I both dread and am a bit excited about painting it - being quite a characterful model with lots of accentuated detail, it should paint up nicely, but it is also quite big, and I am not very fond of painting models larger than the average 28mm Human. Well, my LotR plastic Cave Troll turned out nicely when I painted it some years ago, so maybe I should just shrug off that feeling of discomfort I get form the thought of painting large models...

LotR: Rohan Commander WIP

Another mini sitting around on my prepping station for ages is this Rohan Captain.

He should do nicely as a Warlord for my SAGA warband, and a Unit Commander or Character in a Rohan proxy Thousand Tribes army for God of Battles.

I have cleaned him up and glued him to a washer; next up is putting filler on the base.

Very soon, I shall have cleared enough workspace for my work on the Broken Legions Argonauts warband to continue, but I have some painting projects that will probably take precedence over the Hoplites.

Never the less, it is nice to get some plastic and lead shifted from the prepping station, as it had gotten too cluttered for comfort (and I still have a LOT sitting there).

Lots of Table Dressing WIP

Terrain base #3 is all but ready, the excess static grass just needs to be shaken off when the glue has dried up properly.

Terrain base #4 is covered in sand, and tomorrow I should be able to seal the surface with dilluted PVA.

I cut out terrain base #5, and partly covered it in sand today.

As I now have the terrain mat and the GW hill to get ready for the weekend, I do not think I shall get more of these done this week, but they should be ready for Friday evening, when Kevin is going to command one of my armies (and Saturday, when Ulolkish and I are going to play a co-op game of SS&SS, and Sunday, when I shall bring an army and some terrain for a game against the Austrians of General Friis.

Black Powder: Italeri French Hussars WIP

I think my French army needs some hussars - and thus I have started working on some models to represent 1er Hussards.

Obviously, I should not take photos without my reading glasses, but I guess it is reasonably clear what I am doing here, after all.

It is the first time I use steel washers for 1:72, and it is actually an experiment - how these fare will determine whether or not I shall do this with future units, or go back to using cardboard bases.

Working on Some Terrain

I am putting some of our well used 'painter's felt' to use as a 3x3 terrain mat.

I can work on it standing up, which is nice, as my back prevents me from sitting down crouched over some hobby stuff for more than 10 minutes at a time.

Below, you can see the mat after getting a healthy layer of brown paint, and it is now drying (I expect it will have to dry until tomorrow, before I can do more work on it).

More than 1½ years ago, one of the attendants of Attic Attack presented me with a GW/Citadel plastic hill, and I have been wanting to do something with it ever since, but the stars never seemed just right...

Now, with two games of Black Powder coming up next weekend, I thought I should better prepare it to use for defensive gun battery placement 😉

I gave the hill a thorough wash in hot soapy water, and let it dry, before priming it black. It is now all but dry, but I shall let the primer set until tomorrow, before painting it.

Sunday 29 April 2018

LotR: Second Hand Uruk-Hai WIP

These second hand Uruk-Hai are also among the minis I am clearing away from the prepping station. I already glued them to washers a long time ago, but now I have also started building the bases, so that I can get them moved on. That sword needs to be repaired, yes.

My back permitting, I shall continue work on their bases. Unfortunately, my strained back prevents me from doing any further work today (I had to arrange myself on the couch with some pillows supporting my lower back and the laptop... on my lap (which I hate, because it prevents me from using the mouse) to write these updates).

Rohan Archers - Ready to Move On!

Put the last filler on the bases of these ugly buggers today. If my back permits it, I shall glue sand on the bases tomorrow.

Katarin Weisz - Still WIP

I decided to leave the eldest daughter of Graf von Schnee with the 15mm base.

I forgot to have a look at the apparent moldline at the front of her skirt (does not seem to show as clearly in this photo), but I shall have to get back to that.

Today, I am not going to sit further at the prepping station, as my back is killing me after I strained it in the garden earlier this afternoon.

Even More Terrain Bases WIP

Gave 'terrain-base' #3 the first basecoat this morning after returning from work, and the second layer this afternoon.

I also cut out and beveled #4, and promptly glued some sand to parts of the surface.

If my back does not prevent it, I hope to make one or two more, before my next game (whether it turns out to be another solo game of Sellswords and Spellslingers, or a planned trial run of Black Powder with Kevin on Friday evening.

I am trying to arrange a game Saturday or Sunday. too, but I am not sure if I am going to succeed.

Saturday 28 April 2018

Vacation 2016 - Day 9, The Day-Trip to Barcelona, Part 2

Next stop was La Sagrada Familia.

Sadly, we should have bought tickets online, as the admission was closed for non-ticket holders when we got there, but I took the opportunity to take same photos of the outside.

Hopefully, next time we visit, the construction of the cathedral will be complete, and we shall get inside to marvel at Gaudi's weird architecture.

Of course, we had to capture the moment when we were there.

The last mandatory stop on the bucket list: The Rambla.

The famous market at the Rambla:

Plaça de Catalunya.

Vacation 2016 - Day 9, The Day-Trip to Barcelona, Part 1

We took the coast train from Malgrat de Mar to Barcelona in the morning, to avoid traffic and parking issues, but I really cannot recommend it - it is a trip of about 50 km., and it takes about three times as long as travelling by train from Svendborg to Odense, in a stuffed train with no air-conditioning.

We were pretty boiled, when we arrived in Barcelona, and had to stay a bit in the relative coolness of the station, re-hydrate, and orientate us regarding getting to our planned destinations.

After a while, we startted walking through the city, staying in the shadows as much as possible, taking small breaks to eat and drink when getting the opportunity.

Some pines and palm trees - and a good impression of the hotness.

Our first destination can be spotted in this photo.

Here we are a bit closer.

I think you may have guessed by now...

I could not visit Barcelona without without also seeing the home of one of the really great European football clubs.

I forgot to turn on the flash - but this is my family in Camp Nou.

Now follows a series of photos from the trophy exhibition.

The stairs down to the collectibles/memorabilia store. Their prices are too steep for my wallet...

Couple of last views when leaving Camp Nou.