Sunday 12 July 2020

Frodo's Quest: Dark Realms Shirelands Kickstarter

I just got on board, and thought I'd blow the war horn for this one!

This Kickstarter is a tremendously good deal, and it lands just in time for being included in my preparations for bringing the first scenario of Frodo's Quest to this year's Horisont Con (which is being revived after a pause of a couple of years).

Project image for 3D Printable Halfling Village
Picture courtesy of Pinyo Gulashart (Dark Realms proprietor)

If you are into 3D printing, take a look at it - and maybe also visit the Dark Realms store on MyMiniFactory. Lots of interesting stuff, there!

Thursday 9 July 2020

My BIG Summer Project

I am finally (almost) done renovating the driveway.

This project has been running over three years, with most of the workload (and cost) this summer.

Phase 1: The asphalt ramp.
Done two years ago.

Phase 2: Filling out the hollow.
Last summer I got access to removing a lot of beach stones from a garden elsewhere in town, and this spring I helped a single mom emptying a large sand box.

Phase 3: Spreading granite chippings on the parking part of the driveway.
Late spring this year. While doing this, I decided to make some sort of edge on the two 'naked' sides of the part going to become a sun patio to keep the chippings in place and grass and weeds out.
Shortly after, someone in town wanted to get rid of a bunch of old 55cm x 55cm cement tiles.

Phase 4: Getting rid of the hedge.
My firewood pusher knows guys, and he has access to a mini excavator. My neighbour suggested  removing the hedge entirely instead of just digging a trench for the tile edge.

Phase 5: The cement tile edges.
This was really hard labour. Those tiles are heavy as hell, and difficult to handle for aligning.

Phase 6: Raising the driving lane to the back yard with earth.
As the local water plant has two wells in the far end of our back yard, they have right to access the back yard with their trucks for maintenance. Thus, I had to make sure that the tile edge is flush with the surface, otherwise the tiles may break when passed by a heavy vehicle.
The girls and I moved 8 m3 earth during last and this week.

Phase 7: Placing the granite post/column, and spreading granite chippings in the rest of the driveway. 
This was done today. Anna helped me getting the granite post placed and secured. After covering the last part of the driveway in chippings, I enjoyed a well-deserved can of beer on my new sun patio!

Phase 8: Filling up the sun patio part with granite chippings.
The final phase will stretch over the next couple of years, as granite chippings are not the cheapest material.
I have about ½ m3 left to spread out before pausing this project for now. I shall probably do that tomorrow.

All in all, I think I have spent about DKK 12,500 on the driveway, plus time, and petrol for driving a lot of trailer loads of stones and sand.

I think I have earned the right to a nice summer vacation, now!

Wednesday 8 July 2020

Frodo's Quest: Hobbiton 101, WIP

As mentioned yesterday, I am painting some 3D printed smials for my 'Frodo's Quest' project. I am making progress, albeit a slow one, and I thought an update would be in place.

Yes, there are visible layer lines. No, I am not going to do anything about them; it is a terrain piece, and once the war horn is sounded, nobody will notice, anyway. Besides, I printed this quite a while ago, and I am achieving better quality these days, but that is no reason to let this go to waste, methinks.

I am going to acquire a static grass applicator just after this year's summer holidays (I wouldn't risk it being returned to the seller because it arrived while I was away and unable to pick it up), and put a nice lawn on the roof.

Tuesday 7 July 2020

More for the Plastic and Lead Alps

Earlier today, I received my June order from North Star Military Figures. The Gnolls are (primarily) for my 'remixed' version of Rangers of the Shadow Deep, the Goblins for mixing in with my LotR Orcs (and providing extra archer arms for the Gnolls), and the Halflings are for my 'Frodo's Quest' Shire spin-off (more about it in a later post).

The Hell Crows are for RotSD (some kind of Crows, the name eludes me right now), and the Frostgrave Barbarian with the two-hander is for Emil's Sellswords & Spellslingers warband.

The Magmites and the Thief are just bonuses, but I shall probably find some use for them.