Saturday 19 November 2011

Next up for testing: Fistful of Lead

Front cover courtesy of Jaye Wiley
I recently purchased the PDF-file for Fistful of Lead, a game simulating gunfights in the Old West using d10 and standard playing cards for the mechanics, and after two sessions of reading the rules from start to end (31 pages including reference sheet, optional rules, and two (identical) sheets of counters (- an improved set of counters is to be had at the Yahoo group for the game)), the simplicity, yet quite intrigueing nature, of it got me about digging some Wild West minis out from various boxes in my home office, and the garage.

I already have 3 painted Artizan cowboys that I used for a game or two of Gutshot a couple of years ago (they just needed some reworking of the bases, which is almost done), and it might be time to dig out my Whitewash City buildings (and resume building the sets I have).

If I wasn't going to Horisont (table-top gaming convention in Esbjerg) next weekend, I would have invited my regular gaming pal/opponent/guinea-pig Ulrik down from Odense for a test run of the rules, just using the 3 already painted cowboys, but now, maybe I'll manage to get a couple more prepped and painted before actually playing the game.

I think I'm out of the stupor, initially caused by the news of me being made redundant at work, so expect updates to again appear sporadicly.