Sunday 16 September 2012

Nothing new under the Sun

Well, I have been in full-time job-training since April (and hopefully shall be so for the next 7 months, too, before I expect to start getting re-educated).

I haven't touched a brush or a die since my last post, but I'm quite exited about the new futuristic sports game from Mantic called DreadBall, as I've read the so far released teaser downloads (example Rush, and the Core Rules).

While a violent ballgame played on a grid board must contain some similarities with Blood Bowl, it also seems to hold enough on its own to justfy a purchase. Plus, the boxed set will contain two teams, and thus everything you need to play the game out of the box, contrary to the latest boxed version of BB I know of, so no additional purchases will be necessary to get started.

I am anticipating the release, and hope that it will get me drawn back into the miniature wargaming hobby, as I have not been able to find the time/motivation for quite some time.

I also have some unfinished business with the AAR for my first game of CROM!, I know. Not completely forgotten, just indefinitely postponed....