Abbreviations List

C: Citadel
CdA: Coat d'Arms
DwA: Dead walk Again
F: Wargames Foundry
FALGS: Friendly Almost Local Games Store
FFoL: Fistful of Lead
GoB: God of Battles
HLBSC: Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company
IHMN: In Her Majesty's Name
ItEN: In the Emperor's Name
JDMG: Judge Dredd Miniatures Game
LAF: Lead Adventure Forum
LARP: Live Action Role-Playing
LotR: Lord of the Rings
MoM: Mines of Moria
OC: Old Citadel
OOP: Out Of Production
PSZ: Pike & Shot and Zombies
SBG: Strategy Battle Game
SotHT: Secrets of the Hidden Temple
VGC: Vallejo Game Colour
VMC: Vallejo Model Colour
VOC: Very Old Citadel
VuK: Von unaussprechlichen Kulten
WF: Wargames Factory
WZ: Warzone

Feel free to ask if you have found an abbreviation I haven't explained!

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