Friday 30 November 2018

Heroes of Dread Streets Kickstarter

One of my hobby acquaintances is running a Kickstarter for some minis for his fantasy swashbuckling game 'Dread Streets'.

If you are into this kind of games, check it out:

Heroes of Dread Streets Kickstarter

Lighting up the Premises

It is once more that time of the year, and I have purchased 45 metres of string lights for edging the front lawn. Alongside the string on the front of the house, it sets the mood nicely during the evening hours and before sunrise (1600-0000, and 0530-0815).

Thursday 29 November 2018

Bear with Me!

I need an angry bear for the Sellswords & Spellsligers scenario 'In Search of Rare Herbs', so i dug out these two.

The running specimen was originally made by the Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company, but is now produced and sold by North Star Military Figures, and the other one is from an old Jes Goodwin Wood Elf Beastmaster blister (hence the torc around its neck) from Citadel.

Basically, I shall have to experiment a bit with the colours, as I am not certain how to achieve the predominant colour of the European bear. I hope to mostly paint the first one coming Monday, so we shall see how it turns out...

Tuesday 27 November 2018

Sellswords & Spellslingers: Leave no Man Behind (2018-11-24), Part 2

While Argesïl and Rhagador were dragging the freed captives away (at 2" per Action) Shaggram was in trouble, as a particularly big Orc attacked him.

Ulitari was busy fending off Orcs with his arrows, while Saimon kept back, ready to unleash hell on any hordes closing in, but Kentosh, realizing Shaggram's predicament, ran to the rescue, while the Wizard killed an Orc emerging from the shrubbery. Duregar followed closely behind the Knight.

Kentosh dispatched the big 'un, and while Shaggam hastily retreated, the Knight set about examining a gleam among the branches.

Rhagador left the area with Finghal, while Argesïl blundered about with his burden.

Ulitari had to take care of a couple of Orcs insisting on getting up close and personal, and Argesïl also had an encounter.

Kentosh found a small tube containing a piece of parchment with some scriblings on it, and decided to keep it for further investigation. He then followed Duregar who, seeing Kentosh killing the Orcs, had decided that he was no longer needed for the task at hand.

Argesïl finally managed to drag Leonides out of sight, and Ulolkish's party also began a general retreat.

It was all a matter of getting away without attracting the attention of more Orcs, and it was accomplished during the next two turns.

With both captives taken to safety, the award was 4 XP for each party, with both Ulitari and Kentosh earning 1 individual point of XP each.

And my party is at full strength for the next game, which may well occur next week, if Emil is up for it.

Monday 26 November 2018

Sellswords & Spellslingers: Leave no Man Behind (2018-11-24), Part 1

The initial setup
As my game of Through the Badlands with Emil resulted in two characters being captured by the Orcs, I had to piece together a scenario for searching and rescuing the unfortunate adventurers.

I have based the following scenario somewhat on the rescue.pdf file by John Acar, found on the Song of Blades and Heroes Facebook page, but it is not the same scenario, as I have added a lot of stuff.

I hope that it will prove useful for other SS&SS players, and I may upload it to the SoBaH FB page when I have made the final adjustments based on yesterday's game.

Sellswords & Spellslingers
Leave No Man Behind Scenario

One or more Characters are held captive by the Foes from the scenario in which they were left behind.

The terrain and Foes should be similar to the terrain in which the PCs were left behind.

Basic Scenario
In the middle of the board place a camp or village made of 3+ structures (tents, cabins, huts, ruins, whatever, or a combination).

For each player ther will be one horde of d6 minions patrolling the area. Place those randomly.
The players then choose which corner(s) they start in (the PCs have scouted the area in advance). Place the Party or Parties within 2” from the chosen corner(s).


Wandering Monsters:
D6: 1-4: d6 Minions, 5-6: 3HP Foe
3 HP Foes are worth 1 individual XP for removing last HP

Scenario Special Rules:

Foes should be of the main type(s)/race(s) encountered in the scenario during which the characters were captured,
The patrols are 'Not Alerted' and move randomly before each Player activates his first Character, and whenever an Event Card activates them.
If at any point a Character is within 4” (Detected if Hidden), or when the Monster Frenzy Event Card is drawn, all Foes are immediately 'Alerted'.
When Alerted, d3 Minions appear from each structure not yet searched, and make a move towards the closest visible PC.
Alerted Foes act as per the normal game rules.

When a PC is inside (or if not possible to enter, in base contact with) a structure, it can be searched in 1 Action.
Roll a d6:
1st Structure searched: A random prisoner is found on 4+
2nd Structure searched: A random prisoner is found on 3+
3rd and subsequent Structures searched: A random prisoner is found on 2+
If the PCs do not find all the characters they are looking for, they must capture and interrogate
a Foe about the missing Characters' whereabouts
To capture a Foe in base contact with a PC, declare that the active PC is going to attempt to do so, then roll against Foe's DL. If the roll beats the Foe's DL by 3 or more, the Foe is captured. If you beat the DL by 0-2, nothing happens (the PC deals no Damage). If the PC loses the roll, he takes damage as usual. Add 1 to the roll for each Friend also in base contact, and vice versa.
For interrogation, spend 3 actions, use appropriate Traits (Charisma for persuasion (can only be attempted once per PC per Foe), Strong for torturing, etc. Each attempt at torture removes 1 HP from Foe whether it is successful or not. 

Prisoner Health:
When a prisoner is found, roll on the Out of Action Table (+1 for each Level of Healer of the searcher)

XP Awards
If at least one prisoner has been found and taken off the board, 3XP per party.
For each not found prisoner the PCs have found out the whereabouts for, 1XP per party.
For each extra prisoner found and taken off the board, 1XP per party.

Each 2HP Foe slain, 1 individual XP.


Already while Ulolkish was on his first turn (he won the Initiative Roll), the Orcs were Alerted.

Seven Orcs emerged from the village, and promptly charged in the direction of the approaching party which had already been spread a bit thin.

Even though the Orcs had been drawn away from the village, my party advanced cautiously-

Saimon the Sorceror blasted the Orcs, while Argesïl and Rhagador went for the village.

While the other party was doint the fighting, Rhagador and Argesïl found Finghal and Leonides. Both were only able to move 1", so it was decided to carry them off the board.

Ulolkish's party also arrived at the village, while Shaggram seemed to have lost his way...

I shall post the second half of this AAR one of the next days - I am a bit busy this week, as I have to prepare our living room for entertaining friends at a julefrokost (a traditional meal with open blackbread sandwiches and lots of beer and akvavit, celebrating Christmas, and probably a reminiscence of the winter solstice blót), so all my hobby projects and gaming stuff have to be put away.

Friday 23 November 2018

Sellswords & Spellslingers: Campaign Activity Period

I need to work through the Campaign Activities following my ill-fated introduction of Emil to Sellswords & Spellslingers, before I play a rescue scenario with Ulolkish tomorrow afternoon, so here it is:

NEW/UPDATED HOUSE RULE: Living Expenses and Treatment of Wounds

If an PC does not undertake a Campaign Activity that pays his/her living expenses, he/she must spend a minimum of 1 SP or lose 1 HP (in addition to any lost in the last scenario played).

A PC can only heal a maximum of 1 HP for each SP spent on living expenses/treatment between games.

Shaggram the Terrible

The Wizard earned 1 individual XP for picking up some jewelry, and is awarded an additional 1 XP from the Group XP Pool, bringing his total up to 36/25.

He decides to spend 10 XP to learn a level of Magic Mastery, and his total is now 36/35. Shaggram saves the remaining unspent XP for later.

He also barters with Argesïl, trading the found jewelry for the Magic Shield scroll the Rogue scavenged from the Troll slain by Leonides, just before the Barbarian succumbed to the onslaught of the Orcs.

Argesïl the Cunning

The Rogue also earned 1 Group XP, for a new total of 13/10.

He uses the excess XP on Pickpockets 2, leaving no XP for further advances for now, 13/13.

Instead of testing his newfound skills, he decides to sell off  some of his loot at the local market:

  • 1 Ruby, (7d6 SP -> 27 SP)
  • 1 piece of Jewelry (8 SP)
  • 1 piece of Jewelry (3d6 SP -> 9 SP)
Argesïl Haggles, rolling a 15, thus increasing the price by 10% (46 SP + 10 % (4 SP) = 50 SP), so can add 50 SP to his already heavy purse.

He also buys a shield for Rhagador.

Rhagador the Righteous

The 2 remaining 2 Group XP go to the Cleric, as he saw most of the action. His new total is 23/21.

He spends some time at the temple, receiving treatment for his wounds, learning from the healers there, acquiring Healer 2, which may come in very handy when trying to recover his lost comrades, bringing his XP to balance 23/23.

He gives 10 SP to Argesïl for buying him a new shield, as the old one was shattered under the heavy blows of an Orc Brute, and then he spends hour upon hour at the temple, Worshiping his deity and praying for guidance in the task at hand (spending another 15 SP on sacrifices, incense, candles, and other such trappings). This earns him a +1 on all Activation Rolls during the next scenario, until fails to roll any Actions.

Finghal the Sober

Still no news of the stalwart Fighter, presumed in captivity.

Thursday 22 November 2018

More Snowflakes

The collection slowly grows.

I am going to print all 25 from this series, then start experimenting with smaller versions of the nicest ones, before printing some icicles to hang from the inside top of the living room windows.

3D printing is FUN!

Barbarian Huts WIP - Take 3

This is how far I got today - I do not know if I shall have more time for painting before Saturday afternoon, as I also have to write the scenario up.

I did not manage to get started on the furs, they might be my first priority if I find time for sitting down at the pain(t) station Thursday or Friday (I just started my five-nights working week so I shall have to sleep most of the days.

What ever happens, the huts will be used in the state they have reached, as the rescue scenario requires some structures to search for prisoners!

Tuesday 20 November 2018

3D Printed: Deco Snowflakes

I have started printing snowflakes to decorate the windows (I think). When I have enough, I think I shall try my luck with some icicles.

The files are from Thingiverse, there is a lot of different designs to choose from-

Some Progress on the 'Orc Village' - WIP

This project feels like moving at a sluggish pace. I overslept this morning, so had less time than anticipated, but I managed to get the soil drybrushed, highlighted the thatched roofs, started painting the tusks, and also got the small thatch on top of the tent painted. I used Foundry Moss triad for it, and the colour is much nicer than the hut roofs, and I shall use it for the next time I paint thatch (if I remember to do so 😏).

Tomorrow I shall start on some of the details, such as the entrances, and the skulls and furs adorning the huts.

Monday 19 November 2018

Barbarian Huts (and a Tent) WIP

As I need some structures for the lost adventurers to be held captive in, I am busy preparing some of my old Scotia Grendel Barbarian stuff for the table.

There's NO way I am going to get them fully completed for Saturday, when I hope to get a game arranged. but they will have to do in their various states of readiness.

The two last pics are how far I got today - tomorrow will see more detail work, mainly on the stone huts, and I shall paint the tusks. Wednesday is probably the last day this week that I can find time for painting, so I hope to reach an acceptable level then (and if not, it is just how it is).
The light is doing some weird shit to the black primer

Some minor damage to the left roof, and some missing rope.
I may get back to it, some day, but probably not if I know myself right

Saturday 17 November 2018

Mantic's The Walking Dead: First Solo Game

Earlier today, I set up the 10"x10" mat for the introductory scenario in Prelude to Woodbury. to play through my first game, step-by-step.

I did not snap any photos during the action, as I was concentrating on juggling the many elements (Threat Level, Events, walkers, and weird dice) while trying to keep Brian Blake off the menu.

I think I played about six turns, had a lot of close fighting, managed to kill off a single zombie, and escaped the area with all three Supply Markers, just when another three walkers arrived at the scene.

Even with me flipping back and forth in the rules pamphlet, the game was pretty tense, and the Threat Level spiralling very quickly added to the level of excitement with every turn of events.

The small  area means that it is quite impossible to avoid walker contact, so it becomes a matter of fighting off the biters, and hoping they stay down long enough for Blake to search a Supply Counter. Very appropriate for learning the ropes of the game!

I like these rules, and I shall soon again play the scenario, taking pictures on the fly, so that I may write up a comprehensive AAR.

For now, here is the board set for the next game:

Friday 16 November 2018

Sellswords & Spellslingers: Preparing for a Rescue Scenario

I have had these Scotia Grendel 'Barbarian' buildings for quite a while - and with Finghal being held prisoner by the vile Orcs of the Badlands, it is now time to get two or three of these prepped and painted as quickly as possible.

I expect to don my dust mask tomorrow afternoon and get at least two of the smaller huts cleaned up and rinsed (time will tell if I shall need to break out the greenstuff), and then, hopefully, I shall be able to prime them before we go to Sønderjylland Sunday. I would like to have them painted up for next weekend, as I hope to be able to get a gaming appointment with Ulolkish, and I would be surprised if he will not be interested in joining me on an expedition deep into enemy territory in search for two lost adventurers...

Rebasing Some LotR metal - and Then Some!

I have decided that it is about time that I get washer bases on all my painted metal LotR minis, so that they will not shuffle around in the boxes I use for storing them. A few other minis will tag along for the ride, so as to be ready for appearing on the table.

I may not finish all the bases right away, but I shall strive to get all the metal minis glued to a washer, so that they will adhere to the magnetic sheets in the storage boxes.

Thursday 15 November 2018

SS&SS: Through the Badlands With Emil, Part 2

Here is an overview of the situation when we left our heroes at the end of Part 1.

Quake, now only sporting a useless bow and a sword, moved closer to Christina, who, on her behalf, went about roasting some Orc.

Which kinda made the Orcs angry...

To make things even more interesting, Rhagador stepped in something stingy and poisonous, while Finghal went down under the Orcish onslaught, and Shaggram dashed for for the board edge.

Christina slipped away from the Orcs unharmed, and wanted to let loose a Fireball at them - but, alas, her magical energies were also depleted, and the two parties now were bereft of any ranged capacity.

Quake decided to let Witch be Witch, and ran past the Orcs, heading for the far edge of the board.

I think I may have forgotten to snap a photo after my Party activated, but Shaggram succeeded in evading further entanglements and left the area, while both Rhagador and Argesïl tried to catch up.

Christina followed Quake up the flank, avoiding contact with the ravenous hordes.

Rhagador made his escape, and Argesïl now was all but safe.

I think I forgot to mention that Rhagador's shield was shattered by an Orc Brute's attack earlier, by the way, have to take that into account when equipping for the next mission!

Quake left the area, and Christina was close behind.

Three members of my party made it off the table, thus completing the scenario on my behalf.

They had to leave Finghal behind, though, not a situation I was happy with!

Christina needed two more activations to get off the table, but also avoided further harm.

Emil's party also had to leave a casualty behind, so after the game we had to roll for both Leonides and Finghal on the Out of Action Table.

Leonides came to, with 1 HP, -4 on all Rolls, and a Move of 1", and Finghal also came to with 1 HP, -2 on all Rolls, and a Move of ½ normal, so they were both led away by the Orcs into captivity.

I shall probably try to rescue Finghal, I just found a scenario for it on the SOBAH Facebook group, whereas Emil is going to abandon Leonides and build another Tank for his Party (I may include him in my Rescue mission, though, after all he would probably end up in the same pantry as Finghal.

One of the next days, I shall go through the Campaign Activity Phase for my Party, but for now I shall just be content that three of my characters have 4XP to share among them!

Wednesday 14 November 2018

SS&SS: Through the Badlands With Emil, Part 1

It has been a long dry summer, also in the gaming department, but today, at last, I had an appointment with Emil for an introductory game of Sellswords & Spellslingers.

As usual, for a new player's first game, I set up the table for the scenario Through the Badlands. Get your party off the opposite table edge, fairly simple, right?

Well the God of Dice did not quite agree, but I shall elaborate on that in due course.

On my advice, Emil had made a party of three Player Characters:

  • Leonides, Barbarian with Two-Handed Sword
  • Christina, Wizard with Fireball
  • Quake, Ranger with Longbow
I fielded my usual suspects, Shaggram the Terrible, Rhagador the Righteous, Finghal the Sober, and Argesïl the Cunning.

The initial setup after random placement of the initial Foes:

Emil won the Initiative Roll, and started out rather cautiously.

I rolled three Activation Dice for all my Characters, and of course I triggered some Events - It started raining, among other things.

Quake managed to snap his bowstring on his second attempt to hit the Orc Brute near the board edge. while Christina fried a couple of Orcs.

Argesïl decided to pilfer the smoking corpses, while the remaining Orc charged Leonides and died horribly for it.

Shaggram moved in position, but failed to cast his Fireball, and Rhagador was assailed by an Orc Brute, Finghal running to his aid.

Christina peppered the lone troll with Fireballs, and Leonides followed up, quickly dispatching the hulking monster.

Finghal charged home and helped Rhagador get rid of the brute pest, while Shaggram went for something shiny in the shrubbery.

Argesïl was busy picking up the spoils of war.

The Brutes closed in on Leonides' party, and much slashing ocurred. The rain stopped, but to no real relief, as the only bow on the table was already broken...

Argesïl went for the Troll carcass, while Shaggram picked up some jewelry from the bushes.

Rhagador, having suffered some wounds by the now dead Orc Brute, patched himself up a bit and followed Finghal.

Leonides was overwhelmed by Orc Brutes and had to bite the dust - his companions could only watch with dismay.

Shaggram doubled forward, muttering an incantation, but the Spell failed, and the second attempt drained the magical energies from his body!

Rhagador was ambushed, but quickly dispatched the Orc rabble coming at him, while Argesïl ducked and weaved to escape another ambush.

Things were looking rather bleak at this point - one Tank, one Missile, and one Spellcaster out of the equation, already, and we were only about half way through the table...

Will the heroes overcome their hardships and get through the Badlands alive?
I shall continue this tale tomorrow, if everything goes to plan...