Sunday 30 November 2014

Advent in Kværndrup!

Typical pan for making 'æbleskiver'
We attended the 1st Advent Sunday Service at our local church today - mainly because Lea is singing in the local childrens' choir, doing a performance at the service.

I don't have any pics from the church, as I opted for video (and I haven't got the faintest idea about how to post a video here), but I have some spooky pics from the following session at the community house, where Lea's choir did another performance (and we had mulled wine and something we call 'æbleskiver' which is akin to 'fritters', but made exclusively of batter without any fillers in a special pan, but served with marmalade and icing sugar powder.

Children of the Corn? Them?
A weird combo of lighting and my camera not liking to take indoor pics at a distance gave me som eerie results.

Diabolical, innit?

Below are some pics of the first stage of Christmas decoration of our living room, and the Advent Wreath, opulently decorated with gold, silver, and bronze, sprayed by the girls unto a variety of flora from the garden and other sources.

Lightchains around a window.

And an elaborate display organized by Anna. The coins aren't part of the show.

Moria Goblins Army - Slowly Getting Stuff Ready...

At least a box with a magnetic sheet has been readied...

The past week I've been busy doing all kinds of practical tasks; mainly getting the house ready for Christmas decorations, and making the webbed door for the garage attic staircase (as you can see below, the door is all but complete, I only need to attach the hinges and hang it from the plank wall seen to the right).

Next week I'll be busy preparing for an exam, and removing the tiles behind and under the old stove in the living room, as the guy who's going to install the smokepipe on the new ones is available after next weekend.

So, probably not much progress until I've finished that task.

Hopefully, I can get the wooden floor beneath reasonably prepped before my handy-man arrives; otherwise I'll have to work around the steel plate that's going under the new stove.

Quite an endeavour to undertake for a guy like me who is more bookish than practical, but I think it would be too expensive to have someone doing it.

It bugs me that I'm not making any real progress on the hobby front, but on the other hand, I'm quite content having the 3 pts Gondor GoB army done.

Next up: Advent-time in Kværndrup.

Horisont VI, 2014, Day 2 + 2½

The chaos table getting populated

I had a game of Crossfire on Spicker's table late Saturday night

Pulp game underways

DreadBall table ready for action

Dropzone Commander

Our GoB table was heavily visited all afternoon

I played a game of Lion Rampant... well I tried, but the dice weren't nice to me

This is where things began to go horribly (not just awfully) wrong. I thought I had put the mtd seargeants in cover.

And lost half of them to bow fire...

Later, after losing about half of my character's entourage to my opponents, without inflicting a single casualty in return (loosing one of my boasts at the same time), I gave up. Games with activation rolls are nor for me; no matter the odds, I'll ALWAYS fail to activate units with relatively low target numbers.

Another game was played between two other players - alreadhy, you can see the side I previously played succeeding in making its advance in a more orderly fashion.

A challenge is issued and accepted

And one commander goes down!

3rd game I witnessed

A game of Open Combat

And some 15mm Sci-Fi stuff by Phoenikuz/Torben. I don't remember the name of his ruleset, though

Some GoB15

And a fantasy game with some REALLY nice scratch-built stuff!

Thats all from this year's Horisont (at least from me, it is).

Saturday 29 November 2014

Horisont VI, 2014, Day 1

As promised, some pics from Horisont.

The pics in this post are all from Friday evening - the calm before the stom, so to speak, as the convention was not officially open before Saturday.

A table for a cave man game presented by Sonny from Rogue trader Copenhagen

The Vale of the Small Gods table (Chaos warbands slugging it out)

A game of DreadStreets (homebrewed system by Rasmus Wichmann)

Dropzone Commander table

Vikotniks fantasy bar brawl game

Table ready for some 15mm God of Battles

And some 15mm greenskins

Our LotR GoB28 table ready

And he first game underways (yes, I was a bit biased when it comes to taking pics - but actually less than a handful of the presented games were played Friday night).

The die shows the sutlers

Very nice set-up for Lion Rampant

Mars Attacks brought by Dr. The Viking

Jens from Pardulon brought his fantastic post-apocalyptic terrain

A game of Sails of Glory

After the GoB game, our table stood in for a game of Song of Blades and Heroes

Th-th-th-that's all, folks!