Thursday 31 January 2019

2018-12-20: Mantic's The Walking Dead, Prelude to Woodbury, Scenario 2, Part 5

Well, I was a tad over-confident when writing the previous post.

January has proved quite troublesome for me. First I had a period of feeling not-so-well, with a 'almost cold' that did not quite break out, but caused weariness and bad sleep, and absolutely no motivation for anything. Then, I learned that my workplace is to shut down by the end of April, which is quite a stress factor, and this added further to demotivate me.

I have now decided, though, that I have to pull myself up by the hair, and this week I have begun walking my 7-8 km route with the dog. Getting some exercise always invigorates me, and after a few days I already feel motivated to resume work on this blog and my vacation pictures, so maybe I shall get some stuff painted next week (this weekend I have to work, so my leisure time will be spent with the family).

Okay, back to the action!

Brian found a Hunting Knife - the Prelude to Woodbury rules do not list explanations for the Keywords, so until I get the full rules I can only guess, but I suspect 'Dual Wield' means that the effect stacks - I have no way to tell if the weapon held in the other hand has to have Dual Wield as well, though, and this is a bit frustrating. I may have to bite the bullet and get the Core Set before Days Gone Bye, although I really want the option for building my own characters...

After grabbing the knife, he sneaked past the downed bimbo Walker away from the car and the Walkers clawing at it.

The movement took him beyond the kill Zone of the standing Walkers - but the universe was not content with letting him get away.

The Event Card raised the Threat Level (already at Medium Threat) by one, and I had to roll two Blue Dice to determine, how many Eligible Walkers would move towards Brian - in this case three!
Luckily, the two nearest Walkers had to move around the car, and they failed to reach him.

I also had to roll a Blue Die to see how many Walkers would arrive at the scene, and three more of the mindless dead came shambling onto the board.

The bimbo stayed down for another round. Brian must have hit her hard...

Brian the ran to get himself away from the approaching Walkers...

...making Noise, so that the nearest Eligible Walker is moved towards him (but failing to reach him).

The error of my ways had not yet been pointed out to me, so Brian now made another illegal move, sneaking away from the walker.

This resulted in him being outside the Kill Zone in the Event Phase.

One good thing is resulting from this: I shall never again forget the Action rules, now that I have been forced to remember my error again and again writing this AAR 😈

This Turn's Event Card tried to get the bimbo to stand up, but she still refused to move.

As the Threat Level was Medium, I also had to roll for eligible Walkers to move towards nearest Survivor.

Illegal sneaking or not, Brian would have to fight the fat butcher!

As always, when there is a Melee, the Threat Level was raised by one.

Things were about to get hairy for Brian!

Brian used his Two-by-Four, trying to smash in the Butcher's head, but even with his Reroll, he still lost the fight, and was pushed back 1".

The last thing to do to round up the Turn was to check for prone Walkers - and the bimbo finally decided to end her beauty sleep (WAY too early, if you ask me)!

From this point on, I should have the Action/Movement rules right.

This will be all for now, though, as I very soon have to pick up Anna from school. Her knees surgeries have not turned out quite as hoped/expected, so she is not happy taking the bus, and I have - a bit reluctantly, due to the time and money it takes - agreed to drive her,, until she can get another operation in both knees, hopefully somewhen this year.

Monday 7 January 2019

2018-12-20: Mantic's The Walking Dead, Prelude to Woodbury, Scenario 2, Part 4

Been a while, because the family being home (and visit from London) during the holidays took its toll on my spare time.

I shall now resume working on hobby projects and updating this blog as often as I can find the time for it.

At this point in the scenario, Brian searched the Supply Marker, he was touching at the beginning of the turn, and found the Bludgeon, another item that might be useful (I have not begun to figure out which weapons/combos give the best chance of getting the highest result, and I also need to get the full All out War rulebook for detailed rules about using/swapping weapons, as I do not think the PtW rulebook is properly clear on that.

Brian then ran to the car containing another Supply Marker, which caused Noise, and had the bimbo Walker come towards him (being stopped short by hitting the vehicle).

She did not get close enough for lurching at him, and using Scenery this way is probably one of the keys to successful scavenging.

The Event Card had something else to say about that, though. Already in Medium Threat, the +1 did not worsen the situation in a noticeable manner, but the two blue dice resulted in no less than three Walkers shambling towards 'the nearest Survivor' - which meant that the bimbo was able to reach Brian!

Then, two more Walkers entered the area. Time seemed to be running out for Brian...

As Brian was being attacked, the Threat Level rose once more.

This time, Brian had no problems avoiding a love bite.

The turn ended with the bimbo trying to get back up - not this time!

Sadly, I do not have more pics uploaded to the blog right now (and I am not at home), so this is all for now.

I hope to find time to continue this gruesome tale tomorrow!