Tuesday 25 March 2014

Some More Coven Pics

Well, I thought I might as well show the minis I added to the Coven line-up:

Another girl from Dark Sword Miniatures, one from Black Cat Bases, an unfortunate victim from Pulp Figures, and an old Grenadier demon.

Been busy with the greenstuff, also on the Witch and the Cauldron.

Below is a pic of two Heresy minis that are natural enemies.

I've had the big howler assembled and partially greenstuffed for quite a while, but I took the  opportunity to get the last gaps stuffed right away.

I ALWAYS get too much greenstuff mixed, and  you may have spotted an armnature for a tentacle or giant snake (I'm not quite sure, yet), that I'm going to sculpt with leftovers.

It'll be my first attempt at sculpting a wargame mini, and it will probably take a long time to get done, slowly building up the shape with little blobs of putty.

Who shall reign supreme in the Carpathians?
 Stay tuned for more...

Toiling Away...

I don't have anything new to show at this very moment.

I have added a couple of minis to my WIP Coven, but I have also received my first semi-commission, so I'm frantically cleaning up those models so I can change between painting one (actually, two) of those in between each of the Coven models.

I have gotten myself a sweet deal with a miniature company to paint up some of the models they don't have pics of for their webstore. I get to keep the painted minis, just have to take good photos of the paintjobs to send back to the company.

I get free minis for painting them, and the company gets photos to, hopefully, up the sales. Plus, the minis can be used to re-start a long dormant project of mine. Win-win, if you ask me!

I have 5 sets of mounted/foot characters to prep and paint, and I shall paint a full set at a time to photograph.

I shall not be showing pics of the 'commission' minis here, until they have been published by the company, though, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

Friday 21 March 2014

The Coven Assembles!

Fillet of a fenny snake,   
In the cauldron boil and bake;   
Eye of newt, and toe of frog,   
Wool of bat, and tongue of dog,   
Adder’s fork, and blind-worm’s sting,   
Lizard’s leg, and howlet’s wing,   
For a charm of powerful trouble, 
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.   

     Double, double toil and trouble;   
     Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

Got the cauldron prepped and assembled, and found the 2 versions of the Dark Sword 'The Summoner' (by Tom Meier) that I have had in my possession for several years.

Darkness is coming....

Thursday 20 March 2014

More Heresy...

Round about the cauldron go;   
In the poison’d entrails throw.   
Toad, that under cold stone    
Days and nights hast thirty one   
Swelter’d venom sleeping got,   
Boil thou first i’ the charmed pot.   

     Double, double toil and trouble; 
     Fire burn and cauldron bubble.   

I only have to prep the cauldron, and then get me some putty to fill gaps in the man-bat, and the witch.

Monday 17 March 2014

WIP, Overlord and Vampire

I need to get some new greenstuff, as my old supply has gone AWOL - but I am never the less doing progress on the minis I ordered from Heresy:

Next up is the Witch with her cauldron...

Sunday 16 March 2014

Howling at the Moon

Finished this guy earlier today, first painting done since Monday.

Another West Wind classic Vampire Wars mini.

He is going to be my last entry for the LPC at the LAF - we are almost at the 100 minis limit, and another painting club is likely to start April 1st.

I received 3 minis in the mail a couple of days ago, and I have to prep those for painting - and I have a kind of comission incoming that will take up a lot of my painting time the next couple of weeks.

Colours Used:

Primer: Black


  1. VGC Charred Brown + black
  2. VGC Charred Brown
  3. OC Scorched Brown + OC Dark Flesh
  4. OC Dark Flesh
  5. OC Vermin Brown
  6. OC Vermin Brown + OC Vomit Brown
(Forgot the last layer on the feet - shall have to go back and add it)


  1. OC Bestial Brown + OC Dwarven Flesh  1:1
  2. OC Bestial Brown + OC Dwarven Flesh  1:3
  3. Old GW Dwarven Flesh
  4. Mix of DF and old GW Elf Flesh

Teeth and Claws:

  • Dark to light grey


  1. OC Terracotta
  2. OC Terracotta + OC Bromzed Flesh
  3. OC Terracotta + OC Bromzed Flesh 1:2


    1. OC Regal Blue + black
    2. OC Regal Blue
    3. OC Regal Blue + white


    1. VGC Charred Brown
    2. VGC Charred Brown + VGC Beastie Brown
    3. VGC Beastie Brown

    Attic Attack Goes Live!

    Dates have been set for Attic Attack I and II!

    Please see Argonor's Attic Attack for details --->

    Saturday 15 March 2014

    Been a busy week

    Haven't painted a single brushstroke since Monday, but I've cleared my vegetable garden of delled trees, and I've cut down some of the hedge edging our front garden.

    Here's a couple of pics showing what the hedge looked like before.

    It had grown to hang out into the alley leading to our entrance, and it could not be trimmed without exposing a lot of dead twigs, leaving it really ugly.

    There was only one solution:

    Bring out the trusted chainsaw (I bought it last fall after a gale that brought down a big birch in our back garden) and KILL, MAIM, BUR... er... you get the picture ;o)

    Some of the fence posts have to be mended - they have been pushed away from their(supposedly) initial vertical positions by the expanding hedge.

    I think the new look is quite refreshing, and I look forward to see how fast the hedge grows back.

    If it grows reasonably fast, I'll cut down the row towards the road next winter/spring.

    From Dusk Till Dawn...

    The glowing globe outside the window is a street lamp.
    ...We Shall Game On!

    These pics were taken without flash, after dark, and I'm quite happy with the effect of the light bulbs.

    Now, it's only a matter of preparing some games, and I'm set for Attic Attack I!

    Well... after reorganizing some stuff, that is... :oD

    A Short Brush-up

    Stumbled on these in th ehardware/builders store earlier today:

    I think they are carbon, brass, and steel, but it doesn't show on the package. I'm looking forward to trying out the brass brush for cleaning up restic minis!

    I also got me a new razor saw; my old one lost some teeth when I stupidly used it on a too hard material.

    Silence of the Lamps

    Did a little work in the garage attic today.

    I now have lights; these pics were taken in the afternoon, I shall go shoot a couple after dark, too - I have to figure out if the bulbs are sufficient  to game by, anyway.

    And, btw., I removed the tarpaulins from the tables, which revealed that I have some tidying up to do...

    Friday 14 March 2014

    It's Heresy, I tell ya!

    Received this little order today:

    Witch with Cauldron
    Vampire in Man-Bat Form

    As per my self-inflicted restraints, I'll have to push these forward to get painted next. I do have a mini on my pain(t) station atm, though, that I need to finish first, and I have kind of a commission incoming, so I may have to delay them a bit.

    I am pretty sure, I already have another piece of the man-bat, but its whereabouts elude me at the moment, and I need it painted for a cunning plan... Besides, who couldn't find use for an extra badass vampire, should it surface somewhen..?

    Sunday 9 March 2014

    Fishman Revisited

    I had to go back and do a little work on the mouth of this abomination - and flock the base.

    Nothing else to say, really...

    Saturday 8 March 2014

    Night Stalker.

    Got this anemic fiend finished for the LPC today. I'm on a roll!

    He is going to pose a very real threat for some unwary Treshold agents, that's for sure!

    Model is a Vampire from Heresy Miniatures. It comes with 3 separate heads, of which I chose the most hideous one,

    Colours used:

    Primer: Black


    1. OC Kommando Khaki
    2. OC Bleached Bone
    3. WZ Legionnaire Flesh

    Eye Sockets:

    • OC Hormagaunt Purple + WZ Symmetry Violet
    I think the light plays tricks with that right eye; it looks far more menacing 'in the flesh'.


    • WZ Legionnaire Flesh


    1. OC Hormagaunt Purple + WZ Symmetry Violet
    2. WZ Symmetry Violet


    • White


    1. OC Shadow Grey + black 1:2
    2. OC Shadow Grey + black 1:1
    3. OC Shadow Grey + black 2:1

    Coat Lining:

    1. VMC Black Red
    2. VMC Black Red + C Khorne Red
    3. C Mephiston Red
    4. A tiny bit C Evil Sunz Red


    1. OC Scorched Brown + OC Bestial Brown
    2. OC Bestial Brown
    3. OC Vermin Brown


    1. OC Scorched Brown
    2. OC Scorched Brown + OC Bestial Brown
    3. OC Bestial Brown
    I think I need to add some Tamiya Flat Base to that OC Shadow Grey + black 1:2 mix - it seems a bit shiny under the spotlights!

    I already started work on my next LPC entry; if all goes to plan, I'll be able to post it tomorrow evening - or Monday, at the very least.

    Ready for Battle: Dagonite Cult for VuK.

    As promised yesterday, here is my Dagonite Cult:

    Composition, from left to right:

    Cultist, Cultist, Cultist, Fishman, High Priest (Magus), Fishman, Cultist, Cultist.

    Unlike the Cult de Ghouls, these are going to have quite a few peashooters, as most of then can have a .22 handgun for free. I may decide to give the guy with the revolver a .45 handgun for that extra punch. Then, when the opposition rushes in, hopefully they have been softened up for the Fishmen to rip apart.

    I think this is my first 'unit/warband' ever to be based entirely on steel washers. Looking good, methinks!

    The next project for VuK is a Death Cult, but it requires bashing about and rebasing some old minis, and I have a couple of other minis that I want to paint for the LPC at the LAF (and Stranghe Aeons), so it will have to wait a couple of weeks at least.

    Now, I'll go back to the previous post to get that colour break-down done...

    Oh, and I've spotted that I have forgotten to flock the base of the black-robed Fishman. Must mend later today!

    Friday 7 March 2014

    Dagonite High Priest.

    Finished this guy earlier today. I had planned to get him ready yesterday, but the current events in Ukraine had me turm my attention to the TV much of the day.

    It's Pulp Figures' Weird Menace Weird Villains 01 'Crimson Scorpion'.

    I painted him to match my Pulp Figures Evil Hooded Minions, that I use for cultists, so that I can use him as High Priest for my VuK Dagonite cult (which is now complete; line-up will follow tomorrow)

    I'm too tired to write the colour breakdown right now, shall do tomorrow.


    Colours used:

    Primer: Black


    1. VOC Worm Purple
    2. VOC Worm Purple + white 2:1
    3. VOC Worm Purple + white 1:1
    4. VOC Worm Purple + white 1:2


    1. OC Shadow Grey + black 1:2
    2. OC Shadow Grey + black 1:1
    3. OC Shadow Grey + black 2:1


    1. VGC Charred Brow
    2. OC Burnished Gold with black (dark mix)
    3. VGC Polished Gold
    4. OC Burnished Gold + OC Mithril Silver


    1. Mix of OC Bestial Brown and OC Dwarven Flesh  1:3
    2. Old GW Dwarven Flesh
    3. Mix of DF and old GW Elf Flesh
    4. Elf Flesh

    Sash and Shoes:

    1. OC Scaly Green
    2. OC Jade Green
    3. OC Vile Green
    4. OC Vile Green + white 1:1 (?)
    That should be it. Quite simple, actually, but I'm rather pleased by the way he turned out. Thepurple makes him blend in with  the Evil Hooded Minions (cultists), and the green ties a connection to the Fishmen.

    Now, I have to fill out the rosters, and find a day for the first game.

    Can't wait - but as the gardening season is slowly approaching (and I have been set back 14 days by my strained ankle in tidying up the vegetable garden after felling trees), the weather is going to be a deciding factor when finding time for gaming.

    Still, I hope to get a game up somewhen here in March!

    Thursday 6 March 2014

    Vallejo Polished Gold FTW!

    I'm on a 'painter's high' right now; I had Vallejo's metallics recommended to me when I was at Horisont V last fall, I bought VGC Polished Gold on the side as part of an order from Miniaturicum (because I had to substitute a bottle of Charred Brown that was not available), and I just tried it out a few minutes ago.

    First, I compared the colour to my OC Burnished Gold, and the mixes with black I have made to paint ancient gold. I was surprised - and delighted - to see that it was an almost 100% match to the mix with a few tiny drops of black.

    Then I painted a censer/ball-and-chain/whatever on the mini I'm currently working on
    1. Charred Brow
    2. Burnished Gold with black (dark mix)
    3. Polished Gold
    4. Burnished Gold + Mithril Silver
    And the result was really good.

    Polished Gold covers much better and smoother than the Citadel metallics (apart from Mithril Silver, which is still a fabulous paint to work with).

    If the rest of Vallejo's metallics are just as good, I'll have to get more!

    I think my Burnished Gold will be transformed into an even darker mix by adding black. I don't like the finish of it very much, anyway, and it does not cover too well.

    Wednesday 5 March 2014

    Ready for Battle: Cult de Ghouls for VuK.

    I got the last 2 minis ready for my first finished VuK cult today.

    Although it's meant for a game set in the 1920-30's, all the minis can easily be fitted into a game of Gothic Horror (some of them were, indeed, designed for Vampire Wars by West Wind Productions).

    The culprits are, from left to right:

    Cultist, Degenerate 'Vladimir', Ghoul, Ghoul, Ghoul King (Magus), Giant Vermin, Ghoul, Degenerate 'The Rat-Man', Giant Vermin.

    The cult has little ranged punch, but up close and personal, they get really nasty.

    I'll see if I can make a Lurker list based on the cult for our next game of Strange Aeons - could be really fun to see how they would fare against Treshold!

    A Very Old Ghoul...

    I suddenly realized that i had forgotten to flock the base on this.

    Thus, I had to finish it before it could join my Cult de Ghouls.

    It is an old Citadel sculpt from the late 80's or early 90's.

    I painted it several years ago, so I don't remember the exact colours used; I do think, though, that the skin was painted using CdA Field Grey, then built up with white added.

    I have now finished 3 of 4 ghouls from that blister (and I kinda regret not to buy more back then - but, heck, there's a lot of nice sculpts to choose from).

    Evil Cultist... well, Cossack...

    Finished painting and basing this bugger today.

    He's the last model I needed for my Cult de Ghouls for VuK (which, apparently, originates somewhere in the Carpathians), and he is going to pass as a cultist.

    Primer: Black


    1. OC Graveyard Earth with a lot of black
    2. OC Graveyard Earth with less black
    3. OC Graveyard Earth with even lesser black
    4. OC Graveyard Earth
    5. OC Graveyard Earth with some OC Bleached Bone

    Cap Plaque:

    1. VMC German Grey + black
    2. OC Codex Grey

    Skull and Eye:

    • WZ Legionnaire Flesh

    Eye Patch:

    1. Black
    2. OC Codex Grey


    1. Mix of OC Bestial Brown and OC Dwarven Flesh  1:3
    2. Old GW Dwarven Flesh
    3. Mix of DF and old GW Elf Flesh
    4. Elf Flesh

    Beard and Boots:

    1. OC Shadow Grey with black mixed in 1:2
    2. Same, with less black 1:1
    3. Same, with only a bit black 2:1


    1. VMC German Grey
    2. VMC German Grey + OC Codex Grey 1:1
    3. VMC German Grey + OC Codex Grey 1:2
    4. OC Codex Grey

     Musket Barrel:

    1. VMC German Grey + black
    2. VMC German Grey
    3. VMC German Grey + OC Codex Grey 1:1
    4. VMC German Grey + OC Codex Grey 1:2
    5. OC Codex Grey

    Musket Stock:

    1. OC Graveyard Earth
    2. OC Graveyard Earth with some OC Bleached Bone
    3. OC Graveyard Earth with more OC Bleached Bone


    1. VMC Black Red + C Khorne Red
    2. C Mephiston Red
    3. C Evil Sunz Scarlet

    Knife Handle:

    • Dark to medium grey

    Knife Sheath:

    1. F Rawhide Shade
    2. F Rawhide
    3. F Rawhide Light

    Sash and Breeches:

    1. OC Regal Blue + black
    2. OC Regal Blue
    3. OC Regal Blue + some white
    4. OC Regal Blue + more white

    Monday 3 March 2014

    Headless Horseman...?

    I was looking through my stash of victorian minis - and stumbled on this:

    I have NO idea from where I got it; I suspect it to be a British light cavalryman of some sorts, but I'll have to ask around to get it confirmed.

    The head seems to be broken off, rather than sawed.

    I guess I could attach some appropriate head to it, if I can find something that matches...

    EDIT: It's a an HLBSC mini - I must have gotten it with a handful of HLBSC British infantry I got sedcond hand for a Chaos in Carpathia project that stalled couple of years ago.

    I think I'll try finding a head for it to make a mounted Harry Flashman.

    Degenerates/Evil Henchmen

    The last couple of days I have been able to sit normally without my foot starting to throb. Thus, I have been able to slab on a bit of paint, and I have finished these two:

    They are Victorian/Gothic Horror 'Evil Henchmen' from West Wind Productions Classic Vampire Wars range, but for now I'll use them as inbred degenerates for my VuK Cult de Ghouls (and maybe for Strange Aeons Lurkers, too).

    Not my best work, but they'll do...


    Primer: Black


    1. OC Dwarf Flesh
    2. OC Dwarf Flesh + OC Elf Flesh
    3. OC Elf Flesh
    4. OC Elf Flesh + white

    Hair and Shirt:

    • Medium to light grey

    Eyes and Mouth:

    • OC Terracotta
    • WZ Legionnaire Flesh


    • Dark to medium grey


    1. OC Terracotta
    2. OC Terracotta + OC Bronzed Flesh


    • Black to medium grey

    The Rat-Man:

    Primer: Black


    1. OC Tanned Flesh
    2. OC Tanned Flesh + OC Pallid Flesh
    3. OC Tanned Flesh + OC Pallid Flesh, 1/2
    4. OC Pallid Flesh


    • Dark to medium grey


    • C Ushabti Bone with progressively more white mixed in


    1. VMC Black Red
    2. OC Scab Red
    3. OC Red Gore


    1. OC Dark Angels Green + black
    2. OC Dark Angels Green
    3. OC Dark Angels Green + OC Snot Green


    1. OC Scorched Brown/VGC Charred Brown + black
    2. OC Scorched Brown/VGC Charred Brown
    3. OC Scorched Brown/VGC Charred Brown + OC Bestial Brown/VGC Beastie Brown
    4. OC Bestial Brown/VGC Beastie Brown