Thursday 30 April 2015

Judge Dredd Miniatures Game - Intro Scenario - 'Barko Brothers', Take Two.

Right after the first game, Duregar/Ulolkish and I switched roles and played the scenario again.

Exploiting the set-up rules to the utmost, I deployed the Judge close to one of the Barkos.

As the Judge has the first turn, I could make an attempt at neutralizing the perp before he could retaliate, and I succeeded in arresting him with the Judge's first action.

With the second action, I moved the Judge to make use of the cover provided by one of the ruined buildings.

Rex Barko felt an urge to find a better position to oversee the open areas among the industrial buildings.

As the Law closed in on Rex, he retreated to catch up with one of his brothers.

Two of the perps took refuge on a rooftop, as Judge Mix used the ruined library for taking up a central position-

Rex Barko tokk a shot at Mix, but sorely regretted it seconds later.

Having neutralized half the opposition, and located the remaining two Barkos, Mix advanced in cover of the central ruin...

...and quickly got in a firefight with the perps, which spelled doom for the Barkos.

Conclusion on the two games:

Cover is King, and when taking this into consideration, a Street Judge with standard issue equipment is a regular power house, compared to a handful of Street Punks.

I still very much like the system, which is probably only getting better with the addition of the Advanced Rules.

I am going to use an old Necromunda Van Saar gang to create one Street Gang, and a bunch of female Foundry Street Violence minis for another, and I also have a painted GoMC1 Ape Gang purchased several years ago, all of which I just need to somehow magnetize and fill out rosters for.

Tuesday 28 April 2015

Judge Dredd Miniatures Game - Intro Scenario - 'Barko Brothers'.

So, finally Duregar/Ulolkish and I got to try out the JDMG rules.

We played the Introductory Scenario 'The Barko Brothers', where Judge Mix has been sent to arrest the leaders of a family street gang, and catches them by surprise.

I played the perps in this first rumble.

Judge Mix overconfidently stepped out into the middle of the street to confront Billy Bob Barko who was watching the quarter from a rooftop.

If you look very closely, you may be able to locate the other three brothers.

Billy Bob took a shot at Mix, and wounded him, which made the Judge take cover.

When Judge Mix reached the staircase of the ruined libary, his Lawgiver took over the conversation.

One shot was sufficient to put Billy Bob out of business.

Aware of movement in the industrial area, Judge Mix continued through the ruin to close in on Rex Barko, who, realizing that the Law had come for him, tried to round up his remaining brothers and coordinate their fighting.

Jessie Joe Barko was ordered down from the relative safety in the industrial tower, to get into position behind the abandoned pickup and threaten to catch the impervious intruder in crossfire, while Rex moved on to get in touch with the last of the Barko boys, Bobby Jack.

Mix raised his voice, and ordered Jessie Joe to lower his weapon and give himself up.

Jessie Joe's resolve broke, and he came forward to be cuffed,

Focussed on securing the arrested perp, Mix did not notice Bobby Jack peering out from the ruins behind him-

Bobby Jack got a lucky shot in, downing Mix, and saving his brother from the Iso Cubes... for now...

This incident, however, is bound to draw the attention of the Justice Department!

Monday 27 April 2015

Judge Dredd Miniatures Game - Set-Up Re-Worked.

Dug out my NIB unassembled Necromunda buildings and pimped the table a bit.

Judge Dredd Miniatures Game - Almost Set for First Game!

I finished the 'concrete slabs' this morning, and after clearing the dining table I threw a couple of buildings and minis on it.

And, yes, I need more cityscape and urban scatter terrain... Maybe I should dig out my Necromunda box and use some of the Undercity stuff from it.

Sunday 26 April 2015


I am having a gaming session with Duregar/Ulolkish Tuesday, and as I would like to finally try out the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game, I need a 4x4 urban board.

Not wanting to mess around with heavy chipboard for this, I opted to get a couple of styropor boards, and treat them like the ones I am using for the LEGO Elves terrain project.

As I need them finished Tuesday, I am not smearing glue on the backside until later, and I have managed to give the business-side two layers of glue, and the first coat of grey paint.

Friday 24 April 2015

LEGO Elves Terrain Project, Part 5

I have been 'painting' the styropor base boards with diluted PVA glue which has been a slow process, as I could only work on one board at a time and had to wait for the glue to dry before applying the second layer.

As all tree boards had to be given two layers on both sides, it was a rather tedious process, but now it is done, and I could move on to the next stage.

Today, I got the board representing the open sea of the Izdur Ocean painted, and I am fairly content with the way the colour matches the LEGO plates representing water on the models.

Next step is to continue work on the coastal area that holds the Treetop Hideaway.

Thursday 23 April 2015

LEGO Elves Terrain Project, Part 4

I went to Svendborg today to get some paints from a craft store that match the colours of the LEGO Elves bases.

I also visited a DIY market to get some water-based varnish to use for arrows (I ordered tools and materials for making wooden arrows yesterday). Apparently, arrows need 4-5 layers of varnish, being sanded with a very fine grain of sandpaper in between layers.

The varnish is meant for indoor use, but I hope it will prove good enough for arrows - we are not going to shoot in rough weather conditions, anyway, so with several layers, it should be able to withstand handling.

The Hobbit Strategy Battle Game

When shopping today for some paints to use with our LEGO Elves terrain project, I noticed that the store had 25% off some GW stuff.

I decided to buy the Hobbit limited ed. boxed set, and was then given an offer I could not refuse, for the remaining boxes in the store.

So, I brought home this bunch of stuff, and hope that I shall have the time and motivation to get some of it assembled and painted over the next year or so...

Sunday 19 April 2015

Spring Cleaning of the Castle Yard!

I am almost through my 5-day work period, and I have not got anything gaming-related to show today.

The spring weather is showing itself from its best side these days, and I have to keep my attention on the garden and other outdoor areas.

Yesterday I started tidying up the castle yard, so we - hopefully - can soon get our outdoor furniture out and have this year's fist barbeque.

Today, I loaded some bags with combustible waste onto the trailer, and got some more stuff sorted in the yard, and very soon I shall finish my work there, so we can start using the yard for recreational purposes.

The last picture doen not really show the size of the yard, as the trailer blocks vision, but after I moved the cement tiles and some cobbles and bricks to the far corner, we actually have a sizeable area for putting our garden table, bench, and chairs.

Saturday 18 April 2015

More Gardening Done!

Actually, in Denmark we do not plant potatoes, we lay them in the soil, but 22 kilos have been laid, and the foundation for a good harvest has been made. You may be able to

We are making another attempt at growing some parsley and chives, and as some wild doves ate the sprouts last year, the bed has been covered with chicken wire.

The thin sprouts in front of the chicken wire is garlic planted in the autumn; I am very excited to find out if our soil is suitable for this crop!

Couple of months still, until the first ones can be harvested, and I cannot wait to season dishes with garlic from our own garden!

GoB Viking Army (Blood Gorged Proxies) WIP 3, Transfers Arrived!

Couple of days ago I received some transfers and banners from Little Big Men, ordered for my Vikings.

I now need to find something to use for banner poles, as the banners are too broad for the spears. I hope to procure some brass rod Tuesday, when I go to the hobby/DIY store in Svendborg to get some paint for the LEGO Elves terrain project.

Friday 17 April 2015

Star Wars Armada, First Game!

Lea asked me if we could play the game when I had it ready for going through the starer scenario, and I of course agreed right away.

This is NOT a step-by-step AAR, just a quick report, I shall have to do a full break-down of a game at a later point, as the game had to be packed away to give place for X-Wing.

The first 3 game rounds I used trying to circle the Star Destroyer with the two smaller Rebel vessels, while letting the X-Wings deal with the swarms of TIE-Fighters.

Up to this point, everything went smoothly according to plan.

As can be seen, at this point odds were fairly even, perhaps even in the favour of the Rebels, as the X-Wings are more than a match for the TIEs one-on-one.

While the fighters were busy duking it out around the Star Destroyer, I was trying to get into attack position behind it.

One thing that is VERY differnt from X-Wing is that in Armada you attack BEFORE you move; that takes some practise to get used to.

This means that it is rather difficult to get into range when trying to catch up with a ship moving away from you - which the Star Destroyer was ordered to do, ploughing its way through the fightet swarm.

Most of the time, we both forgot the possibility to attack nearby fighters from our ships, but as it turned out, the X-Wings were overmatched after all, and most dog.fights took place near the Star Destroyer, anyway.

I kept trying to circle the Imperial vessel:

At this point, my plan had worked perfectly, but I was running out of time to start hitting the Star Destroyer from behind; Armada is played with a set number of game rounds, 6, and as can be seen from the picture below (the small round tokens at the edge of the board), we are now in round 5.

Then, Lea revealed the 'Squadron' command, which allows the ship employing it to immediately, out of sequence, activate a number of squadrons equal to its 'Squadron-Value' (if they are within command range), which meant that, suddenly, 3 TIE squadrons got a shot without my X-Wings being able to respond, which tipped the balance in favour of the Imperials.

To make things worse, the Star Destroyed seemed to home in on the last remaining X-Wing squadron, while the Rebel Alliance ships kept circling it.

As it were, we managed to play a full sequence of 6 game rounds without dealing any damage to the ships, but Lea won the game because she destroyed more points in fighteres than I did.

Next time I play the Rebel Alliance, I'll try a more direct approach, and make sure I use every opportunity to target the TIE squadrons with my ships' attacks.

For now, I just had too pack up the models and get my X-Wing stuff out instead.

Thursday 16 April 2015

LEGO Elves Terrain Project, Part 3

I am hardening the styrofoam boards that are going to be the base for the terrain by giving them a couple of layers of slightly diluted white glue.

The project suddenly got extended, as Ulolkish/Duregar who is a Godparent of Lea brought the sets 41076 'Farran and the Crystal Hollow', and 41074 'Azari and the Magical Bakery' as a delated birthday present.

 The bakey, back view.

The bakery set contains 2 minis, Azari, and a hitherto unnamed Elvish baker boy.

As you can see below, the bakery has a 'working' oven with a loaf of bread.

The bakery has to be placed on a rather high level, with lava flowing down the rocky hillsides, so I am going to need more styropor before I can get it sorted.

Wednesday 15 April 2015

Skeleton Warriors for GoB - WIP 11

At last, I pulled myself together and continued work on the paper banner for the living impaired.

I cut the lover edge of the banner in a curve, then cut the 'shreds', and glued the rest of the backsides with white glue.

As I write this, I have also 'painted' the banner with diluted white glue to harden it (and shaped it a bit), and tomorrow I'll start painting it, The Powers That Be willing.

As formerly written, I am going to paint it black, and apply and old waterslide transfer to it, using my Micro Set and Micro Sol solutions (yes, I haven't starting putting numbers on my DreadBall team, yet, I know), and get a little practise that way.

I just realized that I should have cut the top between the loops going round the pole in a curve, but I am not going to correct that, unless I am able to remove the banner when the glue has set...

Star Wars: W-Wing Revisited!

Last weekend I was approached through Facebook by an old pal, Christian J., who is thinking about getting into X-Wing. He asked if I could demo the game for him and another old acquaintance of ours, Henrik S., and, of course, I seized the opportunity to get some of my minis out for a game!

Ulolkish/Duregar also turned up and helped me oversee the game. This is actually a very nice format for teaching a game to 2 newcomers, as the one person does not have to stay focussed on everything all the time.

I constructed 2 forces of the obscene size of 258 poins (to give the newcomers an insight in the many possibilities of the game) and set up the fleets for presentation:

We used the full rules for setup, and the next pic shows, more or less, how the players decided to deploy their fleets (all ships simply moved forward in the first Activation Phase):

Biggs Darklighter had to buy it early on, and as it turned out, it is not such a good idea to attack head on with the big ships. as it easily leads to a dead-lock (the glasses were, of course, holding mead):

Wedge Antilles was holding the right against 4 TIE-Fighters of various kinds, including Darth Vader in a TIE Advanced.

Much squeezing and edging around the big ships in the centre.

Near the time we called it a night, the Decimator finally broke free of the dead-lock; heavy dog-fighting was still happening around the Falcon.

When we stopped (people had to get up for work today), 2 TIEs and one X-Wing had been dispatched, leaving the Rebel Alliance 5 points ahead in score, but not really enough to call it a victory.

Christian is dropping me a mail with stuff he would like to order one of the next days (I also have to get some stuff from, so he is getting into the game right away, and Henrik also seemed to like X-Wing.

All in all a profitable night when it comes to gaming!