Wednesday 1 February 2023

2018-07-14, Vacation 2018 - Day 5, Part 3: Evening, Criel-sur-Mer

After Azincourt we drove south for some hours, and we settled in at Camping Municipal Touffreville-sur-Eu Les Acacias (HERE), where they were just celebrating Bastille Day, but the gestionnaire' took time to let us in and explained where we could get something to eat (we only had some bread for next morning, and we needed a warm meal).

I think the following couple of pics are from earlier that day after we left Azincourt.

This is the restaurant in Criel-sur-Mer (LINK) where we dined. They specialize in sea-food.

Maybe the smallest library in the world?

After spending some time on the stony beach, we went back to the camping site for a calm night (the Bastille Day party was in a building and was not heard at all).