Tuesday 13 December 2011

DwA: Zombiecalypse Now - not much progress.

I have delivered the first 10 zeds for commission, but then got totally sidetracked by real life, job search, etc.

I hope to find some time - and energy - for carrying on, very soon - during the holidays at the very latest. It's really bugging me, that I don't keep things moving, but that's just how it is these days, it seems.

Totally becalmed at the moment.

Well, while storm after stom blows in from the North Sea, not a single breeze moves over my painting/prepping station.

Job search, all kinds of pre-christmas events (kindergarden, school, school care, girls gymnastics team, etc.), general daily life, buying presents for christmas, trying to get some heavily delayed (because of an extremely wet summer and autumn) garden tasks finished, dark and cold/wet weather... I have absolutely NO energy surplus for hobby tasks.

Looking forward to the holidays where I'm going to be away from work for 11 days. I need to get into a routine, again, where I get a little work done at least every other day. I have 50 plastic zombies that need assembly (I had hoped to have them all ready by January, but...), some Old West minis that need paint, and a handful of mixed minis in various states of progress on my painting station...

Not to mention the hundreds of prepped and primed minis I have laying around for various unfinished projects.

Well, if I'm going to be unemployed for a while from February, at least I'll get the possibility to get some projects finished, as I can then focus on tasks for some hours in a row - it's really amazing how fast things can move when you don't have to work on-and-off all the time!