Wednesday 31 July 2019

Shopping a Bit

I went into Faraos Cigarer (Cigars of the Pharaoh) in Odense today, and I bought a ton of Citadel Contrast Paints.

Sadly, a few of the colours were missing in the rack, as well as the white contrast undercoat, and the staff could not tell me when they would get the full range.

At least I can get started using them for army painting, but I really wanted Black Templar for Warriors of Minas Tirith, and Apothecary White for Star Wars Imperial Storm Troopers. Well, I shall have to keep an eye out for them now and them or simply buy them online.

Thursday 25 July 2019

Second Hand Find: Hasbro 2004 Millennium Falcon

We just returned from our annual camping trip through Europe, and while staying some days at Camping Les Terrasses du PĂ©rigord *** the son of the owner held an outdoor used toys sale, and I could not help noticing the Falcon sitting prominently on the table. I got it for €40 as it is missing some pieces (but that's what 3D printers are for, right? đź‘€)

The Imperial Assault Hera Syndulla is there for size comparison.

The model has access to some of the interior, and it should be possible to put some bits and bobs in there fitting 28/30mm models (I definitely have to lower that gaming table a tad).

The Belgian roads had shaken this piece loose, and I found it when unwrapping the Falcon from the carpet that protected it on the trip from PĂ©rigord to Denmark. At first I had no clue what it is, but watching a couple of presentation videos made it clear that it is the 'dashboard', meant to sit inside the cockpit canopy, and I managed to get it 'clicked' in place without any damage done.

I am quite happy with the purchase, as this Corellian freighter should make a great piece on the table when I get the exteriors properly fitted (and I have not yet tried putting batteries in it to find out if the lights and sounds still work).

Thursday 4 July 2019

2017-07-06, Vacation 2017, Day 3: Astrid Lindgren's World, Part 1

After a wet night, we woke up to a warm and sunny day. Perfect weather for visiting the theme park Astid Lindgren's World. Situated on the north-western outskirts of Vimmerby (exactly opposite the camping site), it was most easily reached by the ring road - but that detour was nothing to talk about in such outstanding summer weather!

The first thing thatmeets the eye is Blomgren's British Petrol station, which seems like taken directly out of the 50s or so.

A view up the street from the entrance.

I am not sure what this building is supposed to depict, but the paramedics seem to have their base there.

Pippi's House.

Pippi's fathers ship (not really a ship, this one, but...)

Some pics from the harbour.

A south sea island.

Some ferry fun.

I shall continue this in another post.

3D-Printed: Insert for Pallet Tank Top Inlet Spigot

My wife recently purchased a second hand pallet tank (1000 l) for collecting and storing rain water and use it for watering the garden.

However, it seems impossible to find some kind of 'adapter' for drain pipes to fit the top spigot. The only thing close to it has exactly the same diameter as the spigot, and thus does not fit either on the outside or the inside of the spigot.

Argonor and 123D Design to the rescue, and after a couple of tests, I have now printed an insert that will allow us to have the drainpipe going straight into the pallet tank without risk of getting leaves and other filth into the tank, cluttering the tap.

The pallet tank spigot

With the insert... inserted.

And with the piece of drainpipe inserted - in the background you can see the downspout which is to be connected to the tank

Wednesday 3 July 2019

2019-07-03: SAGA Age of Magic, Goblins versus Gondor

Today, I introduced Emil to AoM; I had prepared two 5-points lists (Horde and Kingdoms), but without any fantasy elements (basically, it was like playing with 'historical' warbands).

I skipped the 2nd Ed. rule about having to end the movement of each model within S of the first moved model (I plan to go back and also play with the 1st Ed. rule that only models within a certain range of enemies add dice to the Combat Pool), and this eased Movement quite a lot.

Emil was 1st player, and we both advanced; I even used some extra SAGA Dice activations to move a bit further.

The lines closed in.

The Gondorians kept Manoeuvering closer...

...while my Goblins rested to get rid of some Fatigue.

The Gondorians converged on my center. We did not adhere rigidly to the rules on gaps between units.

There was blood. Much Blood. First, my Hearthguards charged a warrior unit, rolling perhaps 20 dice, inflicting 4 hits. The, my Warlord charged the same unit, also failing to wipe it out. Finally, my Hearthguards took a Fatigue to charge again, this time annihilating the stubborn Gondorians.

Then there was more fighting. My last Hearthguard barely survived a Hearthguard versus Hearthguard scrap, after fending off another Warrior unit. On my right, my Warriors beat the crap out of some cocky Humans.

The Levies on both sides moved towards the center (neither side had fired a single shot), but the dwindling number of SAGA Dice was beginning to be felt.

Emil went all in on attacking my Warlord, but failed to kill him (he was saved twice by his Resilience). On the end of Emil's turn, both Warlords were Exhausted, and it began to resemble the old Robin and Marian movie. We called it a day, and did not count the Massacre Points.

We both had some horrific dice rolling at certain stages in the game, but Emil suffered badly from his as it occurred late in the fight, and thus was rather decisive.

Understandably, Emil was not all that excited about the game, but he agreed to try it again when we meet up after the summer holidays. If he still dislikes SAGA, I shall read up on Age of Fantasy (non-skirmish version), and see how many units I can field for that game (or how many I have to paint up - I intend to get some of the new Citadel Contrast Paints to use for unit painting, so as to be able to get some models ready for the table faster).

Tuesday 2 July 2019

2019-06-29: Ă…con 2019, Saturday

DrTheViking staged a Rogue Trader four-way scenario - I played the Orks and almost completed my objective (I had to 'salvage' the red Rhino), although my leader went down on Turn 3.

The Wasteland Muties blew up the entire board by activating a nuclear device from the Age of Strife - winning them the game, but... well...

Some of the monsters making an appearance in Rogue Trader.

The latest incarnation of Adeptus Titanicus saw a couple of demo runs. All those buildings are 3D-printed, by the way!

Wild boars from Stronghold Terrain - I think I need some of those for Paleo Diet...

The compulsory selfie stick fumble photo.

DrThe Viking and Jonas had brought some Oldhammer minis and played a Warhammer 3rd Ed. (I think) game, Undead versus Dwarves.

The Fear-rule in Warhammer seems so much more effective than the Scary-rule in God of Battles...

In the end, the Dwarves were being well overrun - it may have helped that Jonas did not read the rules in advance - Oldhammer rules are fairly complicated, and you need to know your army's meta stuff to perform well.

Sunday, the activity was limited to breakfast and pulling down the party tent, so no pics.

This was a soft reboot of Ă…con after a pause last year, and I think that more games will be featured next and following years.

I brought home two boxes of somewhat battered expanded foam modern/futuristic buildings taking up too much space in our host's living room - I am going to repair the broken pieces and use it for some gaming in the attic until I bring it to Ă…con and/or other events with the same bunch of guys.

Monday 1 July 2019

2019-06-28: Ă…con 2019, Friday

Last weekend, I attended the private event Ă…con in Esbjerg (it was on pause last year) - a small 'invites only' gathering of gamers.

Rasmus Wichmann, probably the driving force behind Team Dread Streets, publishers of Dread Streets, the cinematic swashbuckling game, was present for a couple of hours, and I sat in on a simplified demo of said game.

It was very hot, and it probably influenced our ability to focus, but we managed to play it to an abrupt end, when Rasmus was called home. If I recall correctly, I was deemed winner (or second) because of some unused counters.

I then demoed One Page Rules Age of Fantasy Skirmish. I really need to make some mats large enough for this and other games!

At the end of Turn 4, The Goblins carried the day, holding 2 objectives against 1.

I think this late evening pic looks a lot like this one from 2016: