Thursday, 19 January 2017

Vacation 2016 - Day 3: Into France - and Storks!

During the night a gale swept over the region, and I had to take down the small awning and move the fridge inside the trailer. Only damage was a few small indents in the trailer door, probably inflicted by the tarpaulin ring in one of the awning corners, as the wind whipped it around.

This photo is from when we were packing up for leaving in the morning.

While my family got ready for leaving, I took a couple of photos of the lake, and some of the rentable barrel-huts this camping has.

A few more photos of the surroundings. I bet late summer (wine harvest) would be a nice time to visit this place!

Bad D├╝rkheim is not far from the French border, and to avoid the traffic chaos around Strasbourg, we took the autoroute for a while.

Around noon, we stopped at a rest area (L'aire d'autoroute du Haut Koenigsbourg)
to eat lunch. Much to the excitement of the girls, some storks were immediately spotted on the lawns. I spent the next 10 minutes or so trying to round them up (the girls, not the storks)

As it turned out, this particular rest area is a regular stork haven, with nesting places and flocks of the large birds.

 Anna and Lea could not get enough of the storks, and they would hear nothing of lunch, until I took several photos.

In th emeantime, Marianne had found a shady place for out little picnic. The storks were reasonably tame, and came very close to get scraps from the meals of the rest area guests.

Between the parking lot and lawns and the cafeteria was a very nice water lily pond. I had to capture that with my camera.

We drove all the way down to the Jura region, and checked in on Camping Les Vignes at Arbois (the home town of Louis Pasteur). The camping had free admittance to the piscine, so the girls, needless to say, went straight for a swim!

For some strange reason, I did not take any photos of Les Vignes, but if you follow the link, their website has a lot of photos that look exactly like when we visited (same weather, light, everything, just our car and camping trailer missing ­čśë).

Very recommendable camping site - calm, shady, and with a fantastic view over the valley. We slept like babies!

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