Monday 22 June 2020

2017-07-08, Vacation 2017, Day 5, Kalmar Part 1

The day after kissing with moose and visiting Eksjö, we packed up and hit the road towards Kalmar on the east coast of Sweden.

Karaktärshotellet (The Characters' Hotel) is, of course, referring to soem charaxcters from Astrid Lindgren's books
After driving most of the cloudy (and sometimes rainy) morning, we arrived at Kalmar Camping Rafshagsudden and set up camp.

After lunch, we drove into Kalmar to visit the castle, made famous by the signing of the treaty forming the union between Denmark, Sweden, and Norway (1397-1523).

On the way form the parking lot to the castle, we passed a park.

Pics from inside the castle in the next post.

Saturday 20 June 2020

2017-07-07, Vacation 2017, Day 4, Part 1: Kissing with Moose

The next morning was rather grey, but we still had breakfast outside. The hooded avenger is Anna displaying her usual introvert morning self.

After breakfast, we visited Virum Älgpark (Virum Moosepark) where you can get all up close and personal with those large animals.

We were driven through the very large fenced areas in some kind of old Swedish military gtransport carts pulled by a tractor.

All visitors are handed out some green leaves, and cut potatoes and apples for the moose.

You can actually feed the moose with your mouth - they very gently take the piece of potato or apple.

Sometimes, they sneeze...

After the moosepark, we drove West, to visit Eksjö, famous for its old wooden buildings.