Thursday 30 August 2018

3D Printed: Door Frames for Imperial Assault

A friend of mine asked if I could print some pieces found on Thingiverse for FFG's Imperial Assault, and of course I accepted.

The first one I printed without reading the instructions, so it was printed top side up, with supports which would have been all right if the new filament (Fiberlogy) did not require other temperature settings than my other brands (3DE and Spectrum), and caused a lot of bed adhesion problems.

This attempt ended up with a lot of visible stepping, and a slight layer shift close to the base. I also had to remove supports from the narrow slot in which the cardboard door is supposed to fit, which is rather tedious and difficult work. I would say, with a bit of filing and sanding, it will probably be passable, but of course I was not content with this.

The solution to the adhesion issue was to not just print at higher temperature, but only do so on the first layer, lowering the nozzle temperature for the rest of the print - which also means that I can get good adhesion AND print a low speed!

I then read the instructions that said to print in reverse orientation, with raft and supports, and I did so with lower print temperature. Only problem with this method is that the top (bottom) layer does not come out very smooth, and will require some filling/sanding (probably just some filler primer), and I felt that my printer should be able to do better.

So while I printed a second piece with those settings, I pondered how to do it.

I decided to try printing right side up, with raft and supports, but while this gave a nice top, it once more required a lot of material to be removed from the finished model (including the door slot).

So I played around with the Cura settings until I succeeded in printing directly on the glass bed (higher first layer temperature with some glue stick applied), and the fourth door frame is the first piece I have printed that way (but hopefully not the last). I printed it upside down, with supports (although they probably were not necessary), and as the first layer is shaped by the surface of the bed, it turned out almost perfectly flat.

The photo is a bit blurred in the foreground, could not get the focus to work without a proper light setting, but you get the idea.

There will be some cleaning up to do, especially around the small buttons, but nothing an experienced miniatures gamer will find difficult. I think I shall try printing one without supports tomorrow, as I would like to see how clean a result I can get...

Tuesday 28 August 2018

3D Printed: Pulp Alley Solo Deck Holder

Yesterday, I printed a deck holder for my recently acquired Solo Deck (plus boosters). I also got Tomb of the Serpent with that order from Sally 4th, and I really should be ploughing through it, instead of posting this... 😏

Thursday 23 August 2018

Legion Terain: A Small Cluster

A 'family photo' of the recently printed terrain pieces.

The printer has been busy doing dungeon tiles the last couple of days, and a Baby Groot pencil holder today, and I have not had time to clean up the extra five Rhydonium cannisters, yet, because I have been working on my jungle terrain, but expect more home-made plastic stuff, soonish...

The girls and I are going to Horsens European Medieval Festival this coming weekend, so there will be no games to report this week, but as soon as I have cleared the jungle bases away, I shall get back to painting Lea's party for Sellswwords & Spellslingers, and hopefully get a game in with her soon!

Sunday 19 August 2018

Star Wars Legion: Rhydonium Cannister

Photo's a bit unfocused, but I think you'll get the picture 😜 Very dangerous stuff to use as cover, but never the less going to be used as scatter terrain!

Printed at 30mm/sec, 200 Centigrades, 0.1 resolution. Currently printing another five of those.

Star Wars Legion: Fuel Energizer

No idea what this is supposed to be doing, but it provides cover! Mini only for scale.

Star Wars Legion: Vaporator

This iconic piece of imaginary tech spells Star Wars as clearly as a Lightsaber.

In use all over the galaxy, wherever clean surface water is hard to come by, and frequently seen on arid planets like Tatooine.

I printed this at 200 Centigrades, 0.1 resolution, 40mm/sec, 10% triangular infill; slow prints at low temperatures definitely seem the way to go!

Model is from Thingiverse, and the mini is just for scale purposes.

Saturday 18 August 2018

Star Wars Legion: Power Station

Another print of a Thingiverse file - perfect for breaking up LOS. I am very pleased with the way this printed - nice finish for 0.2 mm layer height/resolution, and I think I shall have to try printing it in 0.1, too, to compare the results. I am currently printing a moisture vaporator at slower print speed, lower temperature, and 0.1 mm resolution, and I am excited to see the finished piece later this evening!

Miniature for scale only.

Wednesday 15 August 2018

Rumble in the Jungle

Having a 3D-printer working in the background, printing stuff for gaming, has inspired me to start making some jungle bases on mini CDs - those will be used both for Star Wars Legion, Congo, various Pulp games, Victorian Adventures, and my Paleo Diet in Africa project, as well as anything else, I can place in a tropical environment.

The next couple of days I probably shall not have much time to spend on this project (I start my 5-nights work period tonight), but the next phase is slapping some filler  around the plastic plants to hide ugly joints and bases/webbing. I shall focus on getting three of these ready before my next game.

3D Dungeon: Deciding on a Size

Yesterday, I printed the 2x2 corridor at 110% and 120% to compare them with the 'normal' sized piece from the other day.

Looking at the three pieces, I thought that the middle one (110%) gave the 25mm based mini just that extra space needed for  easier handling (and for models inn more dynamic poses), whereas the piece at 120% would seem very broad for minis on 20mm bases (which I use on a regular basis these days).

 Thus, I printed a door piece a 110%, to see how it would look with some assorted minis next to it.

As can be seen, the door looks pretty natural (although maybe a bit too wide).

My mind almost made up, I still visited Ulolkish late last night to show him the test pieces and give his opinion.

We placed several minis from different manufacturers in the corridors, and finally agreed that 110% is the best fit.

So, today I am printing three 2x4 corridors all at once (takes all day), and the next couple of days I shall print four 2x3 corridors, and then another five 2x2 pieces, before I begin making some room and door tiles.

Star Wars Legion: Second Intro-Game

The Initial Set-up
Monday afternoon, Michael came down from Glamsbjerg to visit me and inspect my 3D-printer, and I had set up for a game of Legion, of course with my newly printed Imperial Outpost on the table.

The experience from my first game with Ulolkish told me that cover is of the utmost importance in Legion, so I threw the extra printed barricade on the table as well. I need to print some more scatter terrain, but right now my printer is busy printing dungeon corridors, so that will have to wait until tomorrow, or so...

I had assembled another squad of Stormtroopers for Vader to motivate, and I used some Fringe Walker as AT-RT proxy for the rebs.

Michael donned the black mask, and started breathing heavily, while I meditated to clear my mind of all aggression.

Everybody decided that caution is the better part of valour, and the first turn saw lots of ducking and weaving, and diving for cover.

I managed to maneuver the AT-RT into a position, from which I am not sure if it was able to advance (I have to study those vehicle rules)... of course I backed it off a bit (haven't checked if that is possible, either, but...).

Vader advanced, waving his lightsaber in front of him.

I forgot to take a photo after the third turn, but the most interesting thing that happened was the Stormtrooper section emerging from the bunker and coming towards the rebels on my right flank.

The Stormtroopers charged home, while my AT-RT picked on the section defending the outpost.

The Stormtroopers annihilated the Rebel section (I have to read up on the rules for close combat, too), and then Luke charged them and cut down two, while the walker joined the fight.

As soon as Luke left the Rebel section on the left, Vader ordered all-out attack, and led the charge from behind... (he is rather slow, you know)

With Luke occupied elsewhere, Vader's relentless attack secured the day for the Empire, as the Rebles only managed to obliterate one enemy unit.

This game was a bit more tactical than the first one, and we both enjoyed it.

I had some terrible Dodge Rolls, while Michael succeeded with a lot of his, so with a little luck I might have secured a draw, as the game really hang in the balance until the very last moment.

Vader is a beast, and I am really looking forward to playing some games with the full rules (and Force Power Upgrades), as I think it will only cause more cinematic moments!

Monday 13 August 2018

OpenForge: Dungeon for Sellswords & Spellslingers

Today, I printed this piece of dungeon tile, which is from the OpenForge collection by Devon Jones on Thingiverse.

Andrea Sfiligoi announced some time ago that there will be a dungeon supplement for Sellswords & Spellslingers, and I would like to be ready for it when it is available.

This piece was printed at the intended size for 28mm miniatures (100%), and I am not quite sure if I think it is spacey enough, or if I would like the minis to have a bit more 'air' around them (some fantasy minis come in very 'aggressive' stances, with weapons strutting here and there).

I expect to have the same piece printed at 110% and 125% by tomorrow evening, so that I can compare (and take them with me to see Ulolkish, and hear his opinion).

I would not want to spend hundreds of hours printing dungeon tiles, just to change my mind and have to start all over again, so I shall give this matter thorough consideration before committing to a specific size!

PLA is cheap, but not that cheap!

Sunday 12 August 2018

Star Wars Legion: Bunker Finally Complete!

I printed both the closed, and open doors set today. As you can see in the first picture, 'Ironing' does not seem such a good idea - although some of the door surface is smoother, it is also as if the nozzle has pushed material towards the middle of the triangular areas, something I shall have to mend with my Dremel and some sandpaper.

The open doors were printed without Ironing, and they have the characteristic top layer muster that I cannot seem to get rid off. Well, at least it keeps the door surfaces in the right shapes...

The open doors can slide to the sides (and actually close, so I do not really need the closed door print), which meas, I have to do some interior features - but that is only fair for a game this scale!

Star Wars Legion: Bunker Walls Finished

I finished printing the walls for the bunker late last night.

Right now, the closed doors are printing, and this time I am trying out the 'Iron' setting, which should result in a much smoother surface.

It would seem that I have the infamous 'z wobble' problem, as the 'waves' on the vertical surfaces have not disappeared completely after changing the Infill Pattern, and I shall have to address that before printing decorative stuff that is not meant to be painted, but for terrain stuff - especially objects with 'natural' surfaces - it is not a big issue.

Saturday 11 August 2018

Star Wars Legion: Printing the Bunker Walls

Another 12+ hours printjob running since this morning. I have changed the Infill Pattern to Concentric, and it seems to have gotten rid of the 'waves' on the sides of the print.

Next print I shall try adding Ironing, which should - in theory - give a smoother finish to top layers.

Star Wars Legion: Imperial Bunker Roof

Finished printing this last night (or very early this morning), and as the picture shows, I shall have to play around with some settings in Cura to avoid 'threading', when the hotend travels far and fast. Well, nothing that cannot be mended with some scraping and sanding before painting (I intentionally print terrain in colours which mean they can be used on the table right away, though, so I shall have to live with the finish as is for now).

Friday 10 August 2018

Star Wars Legion: Expanding the WotC Forces

I have a gaming appointment with Michael on Monday, and I expect to introduce him to Legion, and I would like the game to have a bit more 'oomph' that the first one, so I checked my WotC collection and was able to build another Stormtrooper squad (actually, when I start using the optional support weapon troopers, I can probably build four), while the Rebels got some Fringe-walker-thingy to use as proxy for an AT-ST.

I really need to start assembling those Scout Speeder Bikes...

Sewing Machine Spool Organizers

I finished printing the Spool Organizers today (I f*cked up yesterday, and printed the one with one row too many of the pegs, although I had noticed the wrong size and redesigned it to fit - I simply got the gcode files mixed up, and did not notice until I was half way through the print... well, lesson learned: ALWAYS delete obsolete files on the SD-card!). The 3x3 and single peg pieces are test-prints I did to check the fit.

I designed the organizer in 123D Design, and it works a treat!

Printing Terrain!

After finishing the two spool holder inserts for my wife's  sewing machine thread spools, I embarked  on the largest printing project, yet - an Imperial bunker (Ep. VI/Endor-style); this is the roof, an 11-hours print, even in resolution 0.2 mm.

It should be done around 1:30 a.m....

Thursday 9 August 2018

Complete set of Unit Card Holders for Legion

Finished printing card holders for Star Wars Legion yesterday (for now), and now have one for each unit in the starter box.

Card Shoe/Holder for Sellswords & Spellslingers

Printed this yesterday afternoon, my own design. Of course, only the blue Event Cards are going to be in the shoe during play, but all the cards from the basic rules actually fit inside, which is nice enough. I think I am going to design a box with lid for the cards at a later point.

Star Wars Legion: First Test Game

Played a small test game with Ulolkish today, using the old pre-paints from Wizards of the Coast.

I do not have an AT-RT, and no Scout Bikes, but I mocked up two squads of Stormtroopers, two of Rebel Troopers, plus Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker (the mini is 'Jacen Solo', but I think he has been erased from canon).

Ulokish took it upon him to restore peace and order to the Galaxy, while I inserted a rag-tag force of insurgents.

Both the Force-using commanders moved forward supported by one squad, while keeping a tactical reserve hanging back. Luke was dodging a lot, expecting to have to deflect some Stormtrooper fire, while Vader is just plain slow...

While Vader was drawing a lot of attention from the Rebel Troopers, Luke charged in, and all but obliterated the Stormtrooper squad guarding the Sith Lord. Unfortunately, this also exposed him to a lot of fire from the second Imperial squad.

Thus softened up, Luke was no match for Vader, who relentlessly mopped the floor with his promising offspring.

The Rebel reserve squad. which had begun moving forward, came under fire and quickly fell back to hard cover once more. No strolling in the killing fields! Vader, in spite of being under heavy aimed fire from the forward Rebel squad, kept advancing in them.

Soon, the Rebels were no more. This was pretty much the end of this skirmish, only the lonely Stormtrooper commander was also wounded.

With the Lord Vader having destroyed two Rebel units, and the Rebels only managing to remove one enemy unit, Victory belonged to the Emperor's finest.

Thoughts on the game:
This was our first tussle with these rules, and we made quite a few mistakes (but learned from most of them), and we shall definitely have to play again with a few units more; I shall have to print some Order Tokens for that to be possible, though, as the game box contains only the tokens need for the included models (so if I want to field, for instance, another squad of Stormtroopers, I have one 'Corps' token less than needed).

Characters with lightsabers are powerful, but they can be withered down. I am very much looking forward to try the Force upgrade cards for both Vader and Luke, as I think they will add a lot of Star Warsy flavour to the game.

The game flows nicely. We only used the 'Learn to Play' rules, so no suppression, stand-by, and that kind of stuff, but I doubt that the full rules will slow down gameplay a whole lot.

In short: We liked it, and I shall definitely add Legion to my regular go-to wargames (I am sure that Michael can also be persuaded to play it with me, albeit probably not building his own force, not to mention Kevin).

Tuesday 7 August 2018

Preparations for Going all Medieval

The girls are making dresses for the European Medieval Festival in Horsens later this month.

No, they do not sew by hand; it would be too time-consuming, and we are just going as guests, not actors.

Monday 6 August 2018

Star Wars X-wing: Quadjumper

The last addition to my X-wing collection for now, the Quadjumper is my first designated Scum faction ship - and an interesting one to boot!

A Quadjumper pilot has some nasty tricks up the sleeves, and I am sure it will surprise some opponents.