Monday 30 June 2014

A Bit of Scenery

I received the barbarian huts/houses from Scotia Grendel today - and the cart and wagon from Perry Miniatures a couple of days ago.

Both loads are primarily destined for GoB, but will see use for many purposes.

Now I need to get some 'masonite' board for making Camp and Baggage Train bases, and then find some time to clean up and paint some of these pieces.

Thursday 26 June 2014

Say Hello to Duregar

I have decided to make my long-time friend and regular gaming buddy @Duregar co-author of this blog.

Hopefully, this will mean more pics of painted minis and alternative write-ups of battles - and as Duregar also plays a couple of games I don't dabble in, more variety.


Wednesday 25 June 2014

Argonor's Attic Staircase

Here's the workshop
Carpenters have left the building - for now. I have another project brooding, though, as I intend to get a staircase built from the garage workshop to the garage attic, to facilitate access to the gaming parlour in the attic!

The ceiling sector to be removed
I have moved stuff away from the corner of the attic where the access point will be made, and I have the day off tomorrow, giving me time to contact the carpenters for a quote.

As soon as a staircase has been erected, and a hatch installed, it will be time to get the old chimney repaired and insulated, so I can put a firewood stove in place beside the bar.

The corner
with the intended access point
If I manage to get that done before the autumn, It may be possible to hold Attic Attack, and other events, during the winter half of the year, too!

I'm looking forward to see if the attic can be heated  by a stove - it has not been insulated, yet, but I hope to find time and money for doing it during the upcoming winter, and next spring/-summer.

A closeup. The trap door will be
installed between the two visible beams.
I'm investing quite some money in this gaming parlour, in the hope that I can attract gamers from all over Denmark for gaming events, and small tournaments. Having a fixed setup, with a number of gaming tables, that is accessible all year, whenever we feel like setting up a game or gathering, may also become the foundation for a formal gaming club!

Next up is getting the Mantic zombie horde ready for Pike & Shot AND Zombies, and making up a good army, and an evil army for GoB28 (I'll be using Isengard, and Gondor/Rohan minis, just like for SAGA).

As mentioned, I have the day off tomorrow, and I expect to get my second batch of 10 zeds all but finished, and maybe basecoat the third batch.

The group games of the World Cup are almost completed, and fewer games per day should also leave me a bit more time away from the screen - in favour of the hobby, hopefully.

Saturday 14 June 2014

World Cup and Carpenters

The FIFA World Cup 2014 is underways, so in the evenings I'll be squatting in front of the telly a whole lot the next 4 weeks.

That means slow progress on current painting projects - and as we as of Thursday have had carpenters putting in new windows, and making new window sills on the inside - and they've left a terrible mess in the hobby room/study/office for the weekend, the painting desk is all but inaccessible until they finish up in there.

I shall be doing some cleaning/assembling of models, as I have a mobile work station for that, at the moment situated in the living room with a wiew to the TV set.

But, don't expect much updating in the near future!

Wednesday 11 June 2014

More Gaming space in the Attic!

Been moving stuff around to make space for 2-3 more tables. All gaming storage has been moved to one side of the attic floor, and 2 extra tables were put up:

The table at the right is my infamous 'elevated tabletop'.
Very practical for smaller games, with space for accessories below the  raised surface.

Well, almost all gaming storage...

Sunday 8 June 2014

One Feather...

Started AND finished painting this today in 1½ session. New personal record for me, I think.

It's my first contribution to the Colonial Painting Expedition at the LAF.

Hopefully. I'll manage to get 1-3 more done before the CPE hits the 100-mark, but after one week, we're already almost at  number 30.

Colours are very straightforward; the black is my blue-grey based palette, the white is light grey through white, the skin is Tanned Flesh + Pale Flesh, Pale Flesh, White subtle highlight. Eyes are black with 'ardcoat, beak is Tausept Ochre, Golden Yellow, Sunburst Yellow + White, Toes/claws (which cannot be seen in pic) dark to medium grey.

Base is Vallejo Khaki Brown, drybrushed with Army Painter Skeleton Bone. Could probably use a light drybrush with Bleached Bone or Warzone Legionnaire Flesh, but I was in a hurry.

Saturday 7 June 2014

Zombies Galore!

Finished basing and 'splattering' these two, which were painted for me by @Duregar. As soon as I have quick-painted all 30 Mantic zeds I've assembled, It is time for a Dead walk Again game using both the modern and the fantasy shamblers.

I also finished these after some experimenting with the base colours. Note that the base are rather small for 28mm figs (18mm and 20mm steel washers), as it enables the zeds to come closer together for that 'horde' look.

They are the first batch finished for my Pike & Shot AND Zombies (PSZ) project, and as mentioned above, they'll also be used for Dead walk Again (DwA).

White Knight's Pulp Heroes.

Received these from @White Knigth today.

They'll have to sit in the painting queue for a while, though, as I don't have any imminent plans for them - I just had to get them before WK sold off the molds to someone.

I think I'll have to get some of Brigade Games' armed nuns to accompany the Red Nun, and the Super Soldier, and the fella in the bowler can easily be used for WWWII/Pulp - but the masked vigilante I don't know yet (I can't even decide which head to use - may have to get a second one...)

God of Battles - and a Freebie!

I received this from Wargames Foundry today:

I played my first game of GoB15 at Attic Attack I, an allthough I plan to play the game with 28mm LotR minis, I also feel a strong desire to get some 15mm fantasy minis and join the growing GoB15 community here in Denmark.

I also received the strappin' fella below, and he is as of now destined to fulfil a role in my PSZ Warhammer setting.

Now it's about time I get my first batch of Mantic zeds off the painting table, so I can get the next going.

Testing Soil...

I am trying to figure out which colours to use on the bases of my PSZ zeds.

I am aiming for a 'dried soil' look, rather than the usual 'post-apocalytic Fallout desert' or 'post-apocalyptic tarmac and concrete rubble'. Think a desolated renaissance Europe!

Here are some tests - comments and suggestions are VERY welcome!

The differences are subtle, but they are there!

Thursday 5 June 2014

All Quiet...

I am busy trying to figure out the KS Pledge manager for DreadBall Extreme, and at the same time preparing the living room (which had been turned into a temporary storage/hobby room for a while) for my as of today 11 years old daughter's birthday party tomorrow afternoon/evening (and friends and family on sunday).

I also have a batch of Mantic zeds almost done (I just have to figure out what earthy colors to paint their bases), and am prepping some minis for the Colonial Painting Expedition over at the LAF. Dammit! Never time enough when you need it!

Monday 2 June 2014

Summer is Coming...

Been doing some garden/outdoor-related stuff the last week.

Put up these shelves in the 'garden shed' in one corner of our garage.

Saturday, my eldest daughter had her first big gig at Gislev Music Festival (Keyboards)

And yesterday I hilled my potatoes. They seem to be growing rather sporadically, but actually a few more plants than are visible on this pic has sprouted.

Attic Attack I, Part 4.

Saturday early to late evening, DreadBall was on the menu.

First, Torben and Tobias had a quick half-game (Torben and @dijit had to leave at 19:00).

Picture by @Duregar
Picture by @Duregar

  I am not sure what @dijit and I were discussing, here.
Picture by @Duregar

Picture by @Duregar

The, it was time to break out the Ultimate pitch for a threesome:

Picture by @Duregar

Amnd this is why I should not be playing games using regular six-sided dice...

Game ended 4-4-2 (or 1?). It was my first Ultimate game, and I must say, I found it a bit chaotic. It is not as tactically challenging to play as normal DreadBall (at least not with 3 teams - it's too easy to score those Strikes, even though you have 2 less actions to use), and the random Rush sequence, combined with 2 balls in play, makes it virtually impossible to play the game as other than a series of reactions to the events, trying to Strike every time you can get your hands anywhere near one ball or the other.

But as a Beer-and-Pretzel game, it has its qualities.