Sunday, 22 January 2017

GoB: Command Models Progress

I have been feeling a bit shitty the last couple of days, so I have spent most time on the couch, watching TV or movies (and the Handball World Championships, from which our national team exited today, thus marking the worst result for Danish males' handball since 2005 ­čśó­čśó­čśó)

Well, this evening, after having supper and walking the dog, I sat down and put some more parts on the three standard bearers and the lone musician for the Skeleton Hordes.

My camera really does not like these models (or the background, maybe), but you can probably see that the models are fully built by now.

I am probably going to add a few bits and bobs to this and that figure, to make them a bit more interesting, but as they are for lowly rabble units, I am not going to town on these.

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