Sunday, 24 June 2018

Oldhammer Minis: Second-Hand Bretonnian Archers

My latest purchase, some second-hand metal Citadel Bretonnian archers, including Command. I won them in an auction on a Facebook group (and probably paid about €10 too much, but I really wanted them), and they are going directly into the ultrasound cleaner.

I have had eight of the old Perry Bretonnian archers for several decades, and now I took the chance to enable them being part of a full unit in whatever game I fancy using them for!

Saturday, 23 June 2018

Greek Archer Command WIP

I am watching the World Cup in most of my wake hours (I sleep from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. when I come home from night watch), so progress is a bit limited, but I have glued the Doru to the standard bearer, and a sword hand to the unit commander.

Soon, I shall have to try my skills at sculpting a right hand for the standard bearer, but I think I shall add shields and remove the sword handle from the commander's scabbard, first, and also add a hair crest to the commander's helmet.

I may get some time in for doing some of this tomorrow, but Kevin and his brother are coming here to help me replace the window of the garage attic, so some of the afternoon will be used for that.

Friday, 22 June 2018

Greek Archer #2 - Adrastos.

I have changed the photos - the new versions are more in line with real life colours.

Here is my second Greek archer, Adrastos.

I (still) think I shall have to clean up the arrrow shaft - I did not notice that before looking at the picture - the camera really is more unforgiving than the naked eye!

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Greek Archer #1 - Daimos the Sharpshooter

I have exchanged the original photos with some showing the colours a bit better.

He was speed-painted with my block'n'wash approach (same as my Vikings), only difference from earlier work is, I used Gryphonne Sepia instead of Agrax Earthshade - especially because the Greeks have a lot of exposed flesh, and I feared that Agrax Earthshade would look odd on larger areas.

For a speed-paint, I am pretty content with the outcome (I just spotted a couple of dots on his chiton, not covered by the wash - must be mended later), and it is fine for getting some models on the table. It will not win me any 'best painted' awards, but as I rarely, if ever. participate in conventions after Horisont died, it is of no concern.

I think I can churn out 2-4 per day when off work, and as I have the entire next week off, I may well finish the archers and get a fair few of the Hoplites done, too, before the summer vacation.

Below a couple of pics more.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Pulp Figures - Rebasing Done!

A quick cleanup of the filler, and they can get a quick spray with black primer to caver the new bases.

I feel a Sally 4th order coming up - especially as I also want the new MDF laser-cut tramp steamer, albeit a bit on the expensive side (I have been waiting a long time for somebody to bring out such a kit).

I shall then have to make a Hinterland order, to get the pulp characters (and maybe a pack or two of the Hussars), but that will have to wait a while, yet.

Firstly, if my finances permit it, after our summer vacation I shall get a copy of Star Wars Legion, which I have been wanting to try for a while, so the pulp stuff must wait until Autumn.

HYW Spearmen - 16 Strong!

Here they are, all 16 Perry HYW French Spearmen, that I am going to use as a Mercenaries pike block for God of Battles - but of course also for other purposes, such as SAGA/AFS - I have decided to get SAGA 2nd Ed. when the fantasy rules come out, and I expect Studio Tomahawk to also cover the HYW with a 'worldbook' at some point, but in the meantime I could them for the AFS Empire faction.

I gave them the CBLPCF-treatment today, and they are now drying wit the study window open, as the poly cement is giving out a lot of fumes that I do not want to inhale.

As soon as I have finished assembling/building the two command models for my Greek archers, I shall prime them along with these, as I do not want to pull the spray can out for two models.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

USUTHU! - Unmarried Zulu Riflemen, Bases and Powder Horns, WIP

I only added some filler to the bases, and glued another Powder Horn in place. IN this photo, you can see the WIP crossbelt that I am still leaving to harden, before I start modifying it.