Tuesday, 17 January 2017

GoB: Change of Plans

Last night, while skyping with a gaming buddy, I realized that I think the metal command models are a bit too much hassle for lowly Skeleton Horde units, and I decided to instead build some plastic models for the units needing some.

Today, I then dug out my skeleton bitz box, and some sprues, and set about prepping three standard bearers and one musician (I found a skeleton arm with a cobra-shaped horn).

"That is too few musicians", I gather you are thinking now, and yes - not every unit will have a musician model, but in formed units it doesn't really matter, because as long as there is one model left besides the Leader and the Standard Bearer, that model of course is the musician (instrument, or not).

Formed shooters of course always take the Marksman, and if they should not have a standard (which would, in my opinion, be a strange choice, as the Musician gives a bonus when moving into contact with the enemy, something shooters should only do in the direst of circumstances), then again the Musician will be present, as long as the unit has three or more models left (and only units that fight to the last model need to be concerned regarding this, anyways).

Should I find parts to make Musicians for the units without one, I shall of course built and paint them, as it is nice to have full command sections, but really not need to have.

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