Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Dark Ages: Still Preparing Warriors for Some Paint

As you may have noticed in the previous post, I have glued the six models needed to complete my first point of warriors for SAGA on corks, now ready to be painted.

I have not quite finished my skeletons, yet, so the Vikings will just have to sit on my cork-holder a day or two, before I commence that sub-project.

I just noticed that a couple of them need a hair-trimming (flash ­čśí) - I shall have to do that before painting them!

While my skeleton command figures were drying, I also glued sand on the bases of another eight models, for the second point of warriors, plus four command models that will bring the two groups of to 10, which I need for using them in God of Battles.

I feel on a roll ­čĺ¬, hopefully it lingers on for quite a while - I can really use getting a lot of minis painted to reduce the Lead/Plastic Alps (and as I have had to drastically reduce my hobby budget, it is really nice to actually feel the motivation to get all those minis painted!).

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