Monday 29 September 2014

Beer for the Beer God!

The almost local supermarket had a sale on: Specialty beers/ales. Had to try some!

It's Gettng Hotter...

Well, almost.

My Asgaard 2 firewood stove was hauled up into the attic Saturday afternoon, with my daughters in control of the hoisting block, while I steered the load up the ladder.

It is going to be connected to the chimney asap

Sunday 28 September 2014

A Small Conversion Project.

My recent bulk purchase of LotR minis left me with these:

You can't tell from the pic, but the plastic bag contains a metal Cave Troll which is missing its hammerhead.

Now, I already have one Moria plastic Cave troll with a hammer painted - and I have the extra hand with the trident/spear left over from that one, so I'll remove the hand with the hammer,, replace it with the trident one, and use th plastic hammer head for the metal model.

Neat, huh?

I'll need a couple of extra trolls to bolster a Moria Goblin army that I have most of the models for painted, and almost ready to go (some of them need a bit of tidying up, especially on the bases). As @Duregar is readying a Dwarf army, it's only fitting that I field an army of the squatting critters for it to take on!

Friday 26 September 2014

All Quiet on the Mordor Front!

Yes, indeed - I'm making very slow progress at the moment.

Last weekend I purchased 2 firewood stoves - one for Argonor's Attic, and one for our living room, as the old one has been overdue for replacement since before we moved here...

One of the stoves I had to pick up Monday afternoon, as the store salespeople couldn't locate it at the warehouse.

Tuesday, we went to the opening sale of a new builders' market/DIY store in the neighbouring town of Ringe, to get a trailerload of very cheap wooden briquettes for the strove(s).

Wednesday is horse riding day for my daughters, and I was driving them as usual.

Thursday: Managed to get the rest of the Minas Tirith warriors, plus 2 standard bearers primed - and thus ready for some paint, AND sorting a large number of  2nd hand LotR minis, before having to go to work from 15:00 to 22:30.

Tomorrow, I'll be off at 13:00, so, hopefully, I'll be able to start painting the black-clad Defenders of the West.

Saturday I'm planning to try getting a stove moved up into the garage attic, and Sunday I'll have to pick up a large bunch of firewood I can get very cheaply.

With a little luck, I'll have the unit of Minas Tirith warriors done by the end of the weekend, leaving me time to attend to a unit of Fiefdom Warriors, made from some alreafdy painted Warriors of Númenor I got as part of the large lot of LotR minis I recently purchased 2nd hand, that need some paintwork to look nice.

I've decided to NOT count the 2nd hand minis in my status; I already own a shedload of LotR minis, that have been sitting idle in large cardboard boxes, and the recent purchase is going to kick-off the process of geting some of those painted as well. Besides that, some of the minis are painted, and I can't decide which ones I shall use as is, and which ones need some work.

All in all, I expect a lot of those to get ready for the table quite fast - for my standards - and I really don't want to demoralize myself by totally wrecking my score (for those interested, I think I've got somewhere in the vicinity of 700 minis, counting a Mûmak, and several Trolls).

Thursday 18 September 2014

WWI French Infantryman in Early War Uniform.

I finished painting this guy today for the Great War Painting Club at the LAF.

He has been sitting idle a whole lot while I was preparing stuff for Attic Attack II, but the lads were't home before Christmas, and I manged to get him sent to the front in time!

I'm not quite sure if the coat is a bit too light in colour, but he'll just have to do for now - if I decide so, I may give the coat a dark blue wash to darken it, and tie the colour layers together a bit more.

Tuesday 16 September 2014

More LotR for GoB!

One of these had his base re-done from flat goblin green, and they all had their bases filled with iron.

I should get a shedload of minis bought from the Danish forum Powerfist during the next days. Some of those are already painted, and they're going to be incorporated in the armies I'm building right away after having their bases assimilated and being weathered to fit in with the look of my existing forces.

Sunday 14 September 2014

Even More Stuff Finished for Attic Attack.

I also got these LotR minis ready just in time for Attic Attack II:

These were painted (the quick and dirty way):

Some of these had their bases redone, and they all had metal added inside the bases.

Friday 12 September 2014

More Stuff Finished for Attic Attack...

I also finished these 6 Undead Knights for my Lords of Undeath army. Only those with the round red shields were painted from 'scratch', the other four I actually bought painted many years ago - but they were touched up and given a Devlan Mud wash over armour and bone to tie them in with the newly risen, and their bases were re-done. I want to add some dry grass to the bases at some point, but I need to find the stuff first!

Thursday 11 September 2014

A Ghoul , Just in Time for Attic Attack.

A bit late, I know - but here are some pics of a Ghoul I readied for Attic Attack II:

I am very pleased with the way he turned out. There may be a small painting error or two, but all-in-all I think he looks very... nice?

I had to finish him so I could use him as the leader of one of my ghoul (Mantic zombies) units - but he should also see action in PSZ, Strange Aeons/VuK, and probably Gothic Horror settings, too!

It's a very old Citadel sculpt, and with this one I have now finished painting the contents of thjat blister (took me just about 20 years).

I have another blister of those guys, and I hope to paint them a bit faster ;o)

 Below, you'll find a couple of additional shots.

Monday 8 September 2014

Attic Attack II Has Passed...

And some great games were played. Well, mostly God of Battles, as it is our new 'golden egg'.

Piccies of 2 GoB battles, and 1 DreadBall game:

Preparing for battle:

@Duregar brought his newly painted 24 pts quick-play LotR force to meet my corresponding Lords of Undeath Fast Skirmish company, which was commanded by Tobias.

Set-up in progress:

The two armies face off. Note the 'tunnelling' markers.

Both captains advance.

The tunnellers close on the evil lines.

The ghouls are lurking everywhere...

To advance, or not to advance, that is the question...

Well, guess not... yet... or maybe I switched this and the next pic...

The hungry ghouls charge into the dwarves with a blood cuddling howl.

Lots of fighting break out, and the tunnelers surface to join the fray.

For once, the dwarves find themselves between the hammer and the anvil:

After a lot of bloodshed, the dwarven army reaches its break point, and their captain orders the retreat. Another chapter added to the Book of Grudges!

 I played a game of DreadBall against Tobias.

The Corporation Team under my guidance beat the Marauders 5 up.

I only took 2 pics of this, as I was too busy outwitting my opponent (and swearing about my dice rolls), but a spectacular play by two Strikers, resulting in a 4-pointer. secured the outcome of the match.

Saturday night we talked a lot about the possibility of organizing a DreadBall league, and also about trying to get some Warhammer and LotR:SBG players to try out God of Battles, as the game is so easy to use for proxy armies.

Some mead, soda, and beer was consumed, and we called it a day in high spirits.

Sunday was a bit of a dull day, as no-one was able to attend the event until late afternoon.

@Duregar and Tobias played their second God of Battles game, this time the dwarves took on a force composed of my Minias Tirith/Gondor, and Rohan minis.

It was a real shame that we didn't have more players attending, as we could easily have had 5 games going on at any one time, so I hope to attract more participants for the next event - which may be a 1-day fall/winter affair - watch these pages for further information. I just have to get a stove installed in the garage attic, then cooler weather should not influence the possibility of using the games room.

But, I digress, back to the topic at hand:

Some time into the battle, I arrived with my camera (after having supper with my family). Both armies seemed to focus on a narrow pathway through the heavily forrested area:

Same situation from another angle (and without flash):

Awful pic, but it shows both forces advancing along the pathway.

The humans seem to have noticed the sound of picks and shovels.

They really don't like this...

The tunnellers surface and attack the human baggage train.

Which immediately calls for a response!

Awful pic, again, but it shows that the baggage train has been plundered, and that the human archers are seeking revenge for this heinous deed.

Everythin still evolves around the pathway.

Time and again the tunnellers got shot at, were forced to recoil, and still they came on, driving the human archers back.

Until, finally, they were boken and fled the field.

With his camp secured, the Captain of Gondor now focussed on the remaining dwarven units.

Especially a unit of Foot Knights of Dol Amroth seemed unstoppable.

And, unable to beat the overwhelming odds, the dwarves were broken.

We had a blast, and although we weren't many I shall most certainly continue to arrange Attic Attack - and maybe other, similar events. It's not that much work, now that I have most of the physical framework in place, and everything needed to stage several different games at the same time.

Saturday 6 September 2014

Attic Attack II: A Quick Update!

Tonight we played God of Battles, and DreadBall:

My undead 24 pts Quick Play force, under the command of Tobias, squared off against @Duregar's newly painted LotR dwarves - and won a marginal victory!

After that, we broke out my new Azure Forest DreadBall pitch, and Tobias' Marauders and Corporation teams.

I played the Corporation, and beat the greenskins 5-up.

Mead, beer, and coffee was had, and we called it a night at about 11:30 pm.

Tomorrow we're on again.

I'll post more pics of the GoB battle, with a description of it, but for now, this will have to suffice!