Thursday, 5 January 2017

Terrain Bases Galore!

I decided to spend my Hobby Allowance for January on 100 mini DVDs to use as bases for patches of vegetation - for now primarily jungle terrain, but they should also come in handy for other types.

I ordered them yesterday, and they were delivered on my doorstep this morning at 06:45 ­čśÄ

As soon as I have finished the two Skeleton Hordes I have WIP for God of Battles, I shall make a couple of jungle bases (I think I shall make this into a lot of small partial projects, so as to not get bored by it).

I have an abundance of plastic palm trees and aquarium decoration plants to use for this, so I should be able to get a good 'pulpy' jungle up and running for a small skirmish type table before spring.

I also have my eyes on some plastic aquarium decoration trees that I only discovered recently, but I shall use some of the stuff I have before purchasing any new supplies!

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