D&D Project: Fantasy Vikings

I have a small project in mind involving D&D 1st Ed., my daughters, and a Norse/Viking/Fantasy setting.

I need some nice 28mm stuff for it though, and I shall use this paget to collect links to the eligible minis.

Young Gyðja/seiðr-user/rune-seer/Vǫlva, Vala, Spákona:
I need at least one young 'rune apprentice' if one of my daughters want to play a 'magic-user'. For a priestess (cleric), any young female viking fighter will do for this setting. I am still to find an appropriate model, and I may have to resort to a plainly dressed fantasy mini for this, like

I need some 'realistic' young women with dark age/viking equipment, preferably with some armour (leather/scale/chain), and helmets would be nice, too.
As norse/viking in style as possible
Possible antagonists:

If somebody reading this know of other minis, don't hesitate to contact me via nck [at] post [dot] tele [dot] dk !

Shield Transfers:


Word list:

Shieldmaiden:  Skjaldmær
Slave/thrall:  þræll

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