Thursday, 5 January 2017

Coconut Fibres for my Pile of Shit

A couple of days ago my wife and eldest daughter went to Odense to find some clothes on the January Sale, and I asked them if they could swing by a pet store to look for some coconut fibres.

Dr Zombie of the LAF had told me that he used that material to represent straw and the likes for several purposes, including his Dark Ages dung heaps, which, among others, are some of my main inspiration for making my own. 💩

They came back with this, an expense of only DKK 25, and I can soon get on with my dung project! 👍

There will be plenty of material to use on other projects, and I am now thinking of using some of my newly acquired mini DVDs for a couple of smaller dung heaps, to place in strategic positions around my - hopefully soon built - Dark Ages village. 😉

Two updates about terrain in one day? Yes, I think I am going to spend a lot of Hobby Time this winter and spring on terrain-making, as it is an area I have been leaving wanting for quite some time, and I really want my tables to come a bit more to life.

I am going to need some scatter terrain, too, but as it is something I do not have a lot of stuff for, sadly it will have to be postponed until I have a sizable collection of larger terrain items.

Purchases will be limited to perhaps about DKK 200 per month (and will only be allowed when I have a specific purpose for the stuff in question, so as to not create new backlogs).

I really hope to reduce the amount of stuff I have sitting around unused in boxes, and get a lot of it ready to put on the table(s) instead - after all, that is why I purchased it in the first place 😇

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