Thursday, 10 May 2018

Vacation 2016 - Day 10, Beverages and Wellness

Another lazy day in Catalunya!

True to tradition, I tried out some local produce.

I Spain, they understand the need for volume when it comes to beer bottles.

I liked this one - normal strength 'lager', but with a stronger and fuller flavour than its average Danish counterpart.

I did not drink it all in one go, by the way, but spread it over several meals.

The brewery has existed since before the civil war, and I think it is going to be around for many years to come!

We also tried some red wine, and as far as I remember it was very nice (everything tastes good with all that fresh air sunshine, but I would have remembered if it was off).

White wine from Germany, well cooled, very nice!

This one is very nice, too! Highly recommendable. Serve well cooled!

More 'local' stuff, 1½ liters! I liked it!

We also took an evening trip to Malgrat de Mar (the camping is situated just on the outskirts of town), and this sightseeing 'train' was one of the first things we noticed.

Who would not want to sit in that chair?

The main pedestrian street of Malgrat. The mediteranean atmosphere is undeniable!

The rest of the family got their feet picked by fish.

An evening impression. I am still absolute shit at taking pictures in the dark, really need to take a class or something...

To coclunde a fine vacation day, we had a nice dinner at a traditional restaurant.

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