Monday, 28 May 2018

SS&SS: More Characters Ready for Painting

Three different minis, three different manufacturers, all possible contestants for a position in a warband for Anna, should she decide to play with Lea and me (and, perhaps, Ulolkish).

The Hedge Witch is from Red Box, Ladgerda from Hasslefree, and the War Dog is from North Star's very useful Frostgrave range (I don't play Frostgrave, but the minis are great for many purposes!).

They are going into the 'primed' box for storage, until it is time to paint one or more of them, as I have plenty of pending projects at the moment.


  1. Hah - I've got that dog on my painting bench too! He's been there a while, mind - and is in about the same state (undercoated, but not much m ore).

    1. My version was really badly cast, as if the two halves of the mold were not properly aligned, and I had to use some greenstuff to mend the worst places - his face is very crooked when seen from the front though...