Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Ancient Lead: Nagash WIP

More than 15 years ago, I bought a fairly large Undead job lot from a friend who wanted to get rid of his Undeads after his first game with them, where he lost in the first turn by having Nagash killed by an Empire cannon, and his army crumble to dust.

Most of the old army has since been turned into my God of Battles Lords of Undeath army, but I still have some bits and bobs, mainly metal, stowed away here and there, and the original Nagash model was among those remnants.

The parts had separated, and the mold lines had not been cleaned very thoroughly, so some weeks ago I set about getting him in shape for a new coat of primer. In the meantime, my mind has been set on other things, but today I gnashed my teeth and got the last work done in one setting.

I think it has taken me about three hours in all to get him to his current state (new basing, et al), but now I can put filler on his base and soon get him primed.

My main motivation for getting him table-ready is to use him as a Death God for OGAM, but he shall see service in a great many different games and genres, such as Broken Legions, SS&SS, Strange Aeons, Pulp Alley, and maybe even God of Battles.

Well, enough about that for now, and back to the painting or prepping station!

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