Friday, 4 May 2018

2018-05-02, Star Wars X-Wing: 3rd Game, The Empire Strikes Back(?), Part 2

Lea and I continued our third game Wednesday evening after dinner (and me walking Molly), as I wanted to get it finished, so I could clear the table for some work I have to finish for the weekend's gaming appointments.

Luke's X-Wing sat in a tight spot between all the TIEs, and had to try to evade a LOT of laser blasts

Ezra tried to help, but his shooting was inadequate.

As mentioned, ships with bases touching cannot target each other - I had not looked it up at this point.

If I had, Luke would not have lost a shield, here

As it were, a shield was knocked out, and the Imperial pilots kept firing from all sides.

Luke lost another shield - remember, he would still have had one up, if I had remembered the rule correctly...

Now, the X-Wing took Damage, it shouldn't have.

R2-D2 repaired a shield.
The dog-fight intensfied!

Luke hit a TIE for a Critical Damage!

Phantom II got blasted, also for a Critical Hit.

Luke got his restored shield knocked down again

Ezra using the Auxiliary Firing Arc (I think it is called) of Phantom II

Luke took a heavy hit, and his X-Wing blew up. Luckily he had anticipated this and ejected with a repirator mere seconds before

Phantom II was taking some severe punishment

Ezra sent out a distress signal, and made a run for it

But he was outnumbered too badly, and Phantom II was destroyed.

Of course, both Ezra and Luke were left for dead and later rescued by Han and Chewie in the Falcon - but that, as they say, is a completely different story!

The difference in points was too big this time, and I shall try to balance the points more, again next game we play.

I also shall not make quite as detailed AARs, as taking all those photos slows down gameplay somewhat, especially with more ships on the table.

But it was nice to see that a TIE-swarm can actually win - even though when I play it, is has to outnumber the Rebels substantially ­čśä

I apologize if the layout of this post is a bit messy - I had to write and edit it in Explorer, as I am not allowed to install Chrome at work, and Blogger behaves a bit.. erratically.. when exposed to a Microsoft environment.

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