Friday 11 May 2018

Ladgerda WIP

I made a bit of progress on the Shieldmaiden today. I still need to clean up and attach her short sword, but all in all I am content with the state of affairs.

Something I am not quite content with is the moldlines revealed by these pictures.

I thought I had filed away the one running through her face, and I had not noticed the one on the shield rim before.

I wonder if I can fix them without breaking the bond of the superglue holding her foot to the washer base; otherwise I shall of course just glue her on again, it is a bit annoying, though.

Here is a pic from a slightly different angle.

I shall have a look at those moldlines later this evening or tomorrow, depends on my mood - I have had a rather frustrating afternoon in the garden, trying to set some mole traps, but unable to find a proper tunnel under the molehills (they all seemed to be at the end of a tunnel), and failing to get a fallen tree leaning on a branch of another tree to come loose and onto the ground (the branch it is leaning on could suddenly snap, and the tree fall onto and kill smebody, so I have get it cleared away). I need to sharpen my chainsaw-chain, so I can cut up the trunk in smaller pieces, but that is definitely not going to happen before Monday, at least, andmore likely Tuesday, as the forecast speaks of rain.

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