Thursday, 24 May 2018

LotR: Archers Almost Ready for Primer WIP

I have almost cleared the second hand Minas Tirith archers from the prepping station, only the last three are still being worked on, and I have started cleaning up a metal standard bearer for the unit, most of the archers are going to form.

The unit will join my Gondor God of Battles army, but the archers can of course be used for other purposes, for instance LotR:SBG (duh!), and SAGA/AFS.

I shall not start painting them right away, as I have now, finally, just about cleared enough of the prepping station to resume work on my Broken Legions Argonaut warband.

As soon as these and the baboons are moved to the 'Ready for Primer' box, I shall get stuck in with the Greeks - hopefully to have some of them painted, before my Victix order arrives - I think I shall paint some of them in between working on Lea's SS&SS party, as I need to get some stuff finished to keep up my motivation!

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