Monday 21 May 2018

Early Summer in Denmark

We visited my wife's mother in Sverdrup yesterday, and I had the opportunity to pick some tools of her late husband's, and, among other things, I was lucky to be able to bring home an electric chainsaw, very useful for a job I had to do in the garden today.

I had to cut down a large rose bush, which had toppled over across the driveway to the back yard when we had some high winds this spring - and the chainsaw was a welcome help in this!

I still need to trim it a bit with branch cutter, but the job is well done
I used the offcuts to cast a Wall of Brambles, and I expect the Mana drawn form our more than 4000 sq.m. garden to be sufficient upkeep.

Later today, I cleared the north and east edge of the veggie garden and rolled out some weed control fabric.

It has proven too difficult to keep all kinds of weeds (especially goutweed and grass) from spreading into the garden, so I have decided to border it with this fabric on three sides (we already covered the ground under the blueberry bushes last year).

Lea procured the stones for keeping the weed control fabric in place - luckily we have a lot of stones on the slope behind the buildings.

I am planning to tidy up the outdoor fireplace behind the house this week, as the summer seems to have arrived for good, and it is time to get the Oseberg pan working again.

I also have to remove some of the stuff in the actual fireplace, as it will be hazardous to set fire to that pile of crap. Some of it can be added to the barrier I am building among the trees in the back yard, to prevent dog walkers and playing kids straying onto the lawn.

The picture taken out there today better shows the blue Me-nots than the one I took a week ago or so. I shall be very careful, not to mow the area before they have shed their seeds, as I want them to thrive and multiply, and spread even more.

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