Tuesday, 1 May 2018

2018-05-01, Star Wars X-Wing: Getting Mauled by My Offspring

Lea came home directly from school today, and I seized the opportunity to propose a game of X-Wing, as I have been wanting to see how Phantom II holds up in a dogfight, ever since I bought it some weeks ago.

Lea took command of the Alliance:

Phantom II, Ezra Bridger: 17 pts.
X-Wing, Luke Skywalker, 28 pts.
Rebel Alliance Total: 45 pts.

I grabbed a couple of TIE Fighters for the Empire:

TIE Fighter, Obsidian Squadron Pilot: 13 pts.
TIE Fighter, Obsidian Squadron Pilot: 13 pts.
Galactic Empire Total: 26 pts.

Not very balanced, but I did not want to clutter the table, as our last game was quite a while ago, and I needed to get to grasps with the rules, again.

Luke Skywalker was escorting Ezra Bridger on a secret solo mission.

The Obsidian Squadron patrol spotted the Rebels, raced towards them to intercept.

"Leave the left one to me", Luke said on the comms, threw his X-Wing into a sweeping turn...

...and blasted the opponent out of the skies!

The other TIE tried to cut off Ezra's course.

Ezra pulled Phantom II around...

...aquired Target Lock on the remaining TIE...

 ...fired, and hit it, damaging its weapon systems, effectively halving its firepower!

The Empire pilot swallowed, but decided to fight on, rather than facing the wrath of Lord Vader.

Ion Engines roaring, he pulled his TIE into a Koiogran Turn in an attempt to get his blasters to bear on the shuttle.

Ezra reacted by trying to pull out of the TIE's fire arc, but he did not quite succeed.

But the Force is strong with the Skywalker family, and anticipating the enemy pilot's move, Luke swept in and opened up on the TIE.

The dice speak for themselves. Already having suffered 1 Damage by the hands of young Bridger, the TIE was blown to smithereens by Luke Skywalker's attack. KABOOM!

Shot, but wonderfully cinematic game. I simply LOVE playing casual games of X-Wing, and I should do it much more often!

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