Sunday, 6 May 2018

2018-05-05: SS&SS, First Co-op Game, Part 2

After writing the first part of this AAR, my stomach acted up, and I fell sick. About an hour after going to bed I had to run to the bathroom where my entire stomach contents were vomited into the sink.

I then went to the living room to lay down on the couch with a heating pad on my stomach, and watch some telly as long as I could not sleep, anyway.

I placed a tub with a bit of water beside the couch, and of course I dropped the remote for our TV box into it, and it stopped functioning (I have now placed it in a bag with some rice). Mishaps never travel alone. So, I had to figure out how to change channels by operating the very few buttons on the box, so I spent 10 minutes lying on the floor in front of the telly, while experimenting. I somehow figured it out, but I shall have to do it some more, before I know it by heart.

I ended up getting a bit of sleep, and have not had to throw up further, but my stomach is a bit cramped, and I have to remind myself to breathe deeply to relieve it a bit.

Well, I have managed to edit the last pics from yesterday's game, and I am now (obviously) trying to finish the AAR.

Finghal stepped in a Bear Trap, and he and Argesïl were soon to be attacked by some Orcs.

All the while the other party was hanging back to loot some of the slain Monsters.

Shaggram prepared to launch a Fireball with surgical precision (targeting the ground behind the two characters though the gap between them and the Orcs).

The +4 Mana Flux withstanding, his energy fizzled away and left him with no power for the rest of the game. Dang!

Rhagador, sensing the predicament of his friends, hurried across the bridge. Argesïl was ambushed, and went down!

Saimon and Duregar finsished looting, and began moving towards the bridge.

Shaggram ran to the rescue of Finnghal and Argesïl, while Finghal was fighting for his life. Rhagador tried to heal himself, but failed.

I think this was where Kentosh also stepped in a trap, and Ulitari ran to help him. Nasty contraptions! Saimon started crossing the bridge (he is an old metal Warhammer mini with plastic slotta-base, so he could not stand securely on the curved bridge) and Duregar got ready to loot another orc.

An orc was catching up to Duregar, while Rhagador managed to heal himself and hastily closed in on his friends. Finghal kept failing to break free of the trap.

Duregar turned, slew the Orc, and hurried across the bridge, while Ulitari helped Kentosh break free, and Saimon followed Rhagaod up the track.

Shaggram prepared to help Finghal with the trap, all the while a Troll and an Orc Brute threatened to move in on the party.

The Swan Knight and Ulitari were busy looting corpses, while Saimon and Duregar followed Rhagador closely up the track. Finghal broke free, and hurried towards the board edge (with only Speed 3), Rhagador examined Argesïl, who came to, but with only one HP and a Speed of 1. Shaggram, deciding that the loss of his spellcasting ability made him too much of a dead weight, then ran past the Troll and Orc Brute and disappeared from sight.

Burdened by his armour, Kentosh stumbled and fell in the river, much to the amusement of Ulitari, while Saimon, to no avail, sent Magic Dart after Magic Dart after the nearest enemy, and Duregar catched up.

I shall end this second part of the AAR here, as my stomach seems to be gettingn better, and I have to go outside and remove a lot of dandelions form the lawns...

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