Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Reaper Bones: Assorted Fantasy Stuff

Yesterday, I could finally pick up my parcel from Miniatures Giant, almost a month after I ordered (it only took it about a week to reach Denmark, the rest of the time it was held up by PostNord and Danish customs).

The Spiders, Trolls, and Mindflayer are firstly for SS&SS, while the Brass Bull is meant for rules like Broken Legions and OGAM (but can probably also figure in SS&SS), and the Fire Giants I intend to use as deities for OGAM (the Bodyguard for an army of LotR Dwarves, and the Princess probably for an African warband).

Fenris should be self-explanatory, I think.

But, really, they are all usable for multiple purposes, so all in all an interesting purchase!

So, instead of sitting here at the keyboard, I should be painting instead... ­čśĆ

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