Thursday, 17 May 2018

More Minis for SS&SS - WIP

I decided that the Hedge Witch was stooping too much, so broke her off the base and adjusted her stance, and the photo on the Red Box webstore reveals that the line running over her breast is actually the edge of the bag strap, so will not be removed.

I have decided to mock up a party for Lea to play with, until I get her female party painted (only making slow progress, it is too hot for long painting sessions at the moment), so I dug out the old Citadel apprentice model, which I had already glued to a washer, and started building up the base.

I have a game of SS&SS arranged with Ulolkish on Saturday, and Sunday we are going to visit the wife's mother near Haderslev, so I shall probably not get another game in this weekend. Monday is a holiday (Whitsun/Pentecost), but we shall probably be spending most of it in the garden, as we are having more summer this May than in 2017 in its entirety.

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