Thursday, 1 November 2018

The Walking Dead: Prelude to Woodbury

Ever since Mantic announced they were going to launch a Walking Dead game based on the graphic novels, I have been wanting a slice of the action. Now, finally, I have purchased the solo version of the rules, and am now all but ready to get stuck in (I just have to finish painting the last member of Lea's Sellswords and Spellslingers party, then I can paint Brian Blake and use some of my already painted zombies to get started).

I need to find a source for card sleeves fitting the character cards, though, as they have quite an unusual size (88 x 126 mm), and none of my usual pushers seem to have that size of sleeves in supply.

I hope to get my jungle bases done and put away tomorrow, and then get my dinner tabled cleared so I can make the 10"x10" and 15"x15" mats required for this version of the game. I should be able to clean up and rebase Brian Blake somewhen during the weekend, getting him ready for being painted, as soon as I finish Lea's barbarian, which I should also get back to painting this weekend, or Monday at the very latest.

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