Monday, 19 November 2018

Barbarian Huts (and a Tent) WIP

As I need some structures for the lost adventurers to be held captive in, I am busy preparing some of my old Scotia Grendel Barbarian stuff for the table.

There's NO way I am going to get them fully completed for Saturday, when I hope to get a game arranged. but they will have to do in their various states of readiness.

The two last pics are how far I got today - tomorrow will see more detail work, mainly on the stone huts, and I shall paint the tusks. Wednesday is probably the last day this week that I can find time for painting, so I hope to reach an acceptable level then (and if not, it is just how it is).
The light is doing some weird shit to the black primer

Some minor damage to the left roof, and some missing rope.
I may get back to it, some day, but probably not if I know myself right

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