Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Sellswords & Spellslingers: Leave no Man Behind (2018-11-24), Part 2

While Argesïl and Rhagador were dragging the freed captives away (at 2" per Action) Shaggram was in trouble, as a particularly big Orc attacked him.

Ulitari was busy fending off Orcs with his arrows, while Saimon kept back, ready to unleash hell on any hordes closing in, but Kentosh, realizing Shaggram's predicament, ran to the rescue, while the Wizard killed an Orc emerging from the shrubbery. Duregar followed closely behind the Knight.

Kentosh dispatched the big 'un, and while Shaggam hastily retreated, the Knight set about examining a gleam among the branches.

Rhagador left the area with Finghal, while Argesïl blundered about with his burden.

Ulitari had to take care of a couple of Orcs insisting on getting up close and personal, and Argesïl also had an encounter.

Kentosh found a small tube containing a piece of parchment with some scriblings on it, and decided to keep it for further investigation. He then followed Duregar who, seeing Kentosh killing the Orcs, had decided that he was no longer needed for the task at hand.

Argesïl finally managed to drag Leonides out of sight, and Ulolkish's party also began a general retreat.

It was all a matter of getting away without attracting the attention of more Orcs, and it was accomplished during the next two turns.

With both captives taken to safety, the award was 4 XP for each party, with both Ulitari and Kentosh earning 1 individual point of XP each.

And my party is at full strength for the next game, which may well occur next week, if Emil is up for it.

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