Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Mantic's The Walking Dead: Brian Blake WIP

The light on my pain(t) station is a bit too harsh for nice photos, but here is one, never the less.

I started painting The Governor earlier today, after picking up Anna from English Masterclass at the 'High School' in Ringe and dropping her off for her 9th grade 'mid-term exams/tests' at her own school and subsequently picking up a few items in Svendborg.

I have finished the trousers, and expect to do the sweater and the skin tomorrow - and I think I have to adjust my expectations regarding finishing him, as the last half of this week, starting Thursday, is going to be crazy, not leaving me much time for painting.

I still should be able to get him ready for the table Tuesday or Wednesday next week, though (provided things do not escalate once more).

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