Saturday, 17 November 2018

Mantic's The Walking Dead: First Solo Game

Earlier today, I set up the 10"x10" mat for the introductory scenario in Prelude to Woodbury. to play through my first game, step-by-step.

I did not snap any photos during the action, as I was concentrating on juggling the many elements (Threat Level, Events, walkers, and weird dice) while trying to keep Brian Blake off the menu.

I think I played about six turns, had a lot of close fighting, managed to kill off a single zombie, and escaped the area with all three Supply Markers, just when another three walkers arrived at the scene.

Even with me flipping back and forth in the rules pamphlet, the game was pretty tense, and the Threat Level spiralling very quickly added to the level of excitement with every turn of events.

The small  area means that it is quite impossible to avoid walker contact, so it becomes a matter of fighting off the biters, and hoping they stay down long enough for Blake to search a Supply Counter. Very appropriate for learning the ropes of the game!

I like these rules, and I shall soon again play the scenario, taking pictures on the fly, so that I may write up a comprehensive AAR.

For now, here is the board set for the next game:

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