Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Some Progress on the 'Orc Village' - WIP

This project feels like moving at a sluggish pace. I overslept this morning, so had less time than anticipated, but I managed to get the soil drybrushed, highlighted the thatched roofs, started painting the tusks, and also got the small thatch on top of the tent painted. I used Foundry Moss triad for it, and the colour is much nicer than the hut roofs, and I shall use it for the next time I paint thatch (if I remember to do so ­čśĆ).

Tomorrow I shall start on some of the details, such as the entrances, and the skulls and furs adorning the huts.


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    1. Thanks - these models show their age - not only in design, but also the wear and tear on the molds, so they are a bit challenging to work with.