Sunday, 11 September 2016

USUTHU! And So It Begins...

Not that I have that much to show, but in between some miniatures repairs, I managed to start prepping a couple of married Zulus. As already stated, I want to first make an Impi for In Her Majesty's Name, and then I shall take it from there.

I really wish, Warlord would stop making their integrated bases so large (and make bases more like for instance, Mantic), as I have to cut  a lot away to fit the minis on 20 mm washers - and I really do not think that 'horde' minis like Zulus should have larger bases than that, as they need to be placed in close order to create that 'mob' look that is so fitting for tribal warriors (and zombies).

Tomorrow, I hope to find the time to do two more bodies, and start attaching arms and heads to the first two, but as I also have some more work to do on the garden project, we shall have to see about that...


  1. Well, plastic is easy to cut; be happy that they're not metal bases!

    I've just made up a number of old Wargames Factory Zulus myself. They're somewhat crude models, but these look much nicer. At least, from what I can see so far :-) .

    1. Sure, it's no big deal, just a minor nuissance.
      I've purposely stayed clear of the Wargames Factory Zulus myself, as I have not hear much good about them - one of my acquaintances bought some and decide to use them as Morlocks instead of Zulus, as he found them too ugly. As can be seen elsewhere here, I have a box of WF Zulu War British Infantry, and they are not all that fantastic, either, but with a decent paintjob will do as something for my Zulus to massacre ;o)
      I'll post a pic containing a couple of fully assembled Warlord/Empress Zulus in a few minutes.