Friday, 23 September 2016

Egeskov Market 2016

First purchase of ride tickets.
As always, we attended the annual Egeskov Market on the 3rd Wednesday of September (as of next year, on the weekend before the 3rd Wednesday of September!). And as always, the fun fair was the biggest attraction for the kids.

The fun fair has a ticket system where you have to go to a central booth to buy tickets that are valid for all the rides. Guess it has something to do with the management wanting to know how much cash flows in...

I did make a couple of purchases, a black cane with a wolf head handle, and a set of pewter wine and port goblets, but more about those in a later post.
The fun fair is not that impressive in full sunlight

Ferris Wheel

Getting ready for a ride

Another ride - nobody gets me into one of those!

Bumper cars - more fun than last year

After supper, we went to the fair once more

This time, we went up on the Ferris wheel in the dark

Anna can look a little spooky at times

Some of Lea's classmates joined the fun

The 'Body Rock' omce more

There is something about a fun fair at night

The girls contemplating their next move
That was all from this year's market - although I may post some pics of my market finds one of the next days...

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