Monday, 26 September 2016

Plastic WIP

This evening, I cleaned up another Gondorian archer, and got him glued to a washer.

Afterwards, I put arms on the designated standard bearer for the men-at-arms unit. As you may be able to see, again I could not get a proper fit for the right arm.

My initial enthusiasm for these models has cooled a bit, as I find it fiddly and often not very rewarding to fit the two-handed arms sets, and I shall have to do quite a bit of work with the greenstuff before I can get any paint on these.

Well, at least I do not have to do all the units right away as I have other armies to use on the table - although it would be nice if I could make a tad faster progress on these, but time and the garden project (and painting some Zulu warriors) does not leave me more than a couple of hours in the evenings for scraping plastic.


  1. 2-armed weapons are always a pain to fit if the 2 arms are separate parts. It's not clear whether that's the case here? I much prefer the models where both arms are moulded to the weapon, all as a single piece (that's rare, though).

    1. Yep, both hands and right arm attached to the weapon, left arm separate. Recipe for trouble.